Awareness Workshop at the University About Women's Right to Inheritance and Violence Against Women

Monday, November 12, 2018

The Deanship of Student Affairs and the Faculty of Law at Arab American University, in cooperation with the Women's Development and Information Center, organized an awareness workshop about women's right to inheritance and violence against women. With the attendance of the head of the department of Jurisprudence and Law at the Faculty of Law, Dr. Khairuddin Taleb, Dean of the Faculty of Religion fundamentals in Qalqiliya, Professor Hassan Shehadeh, and the representative of women development and media Farha Abu Al-Haija.

Part of the Workshop

The workshop was opened by the head of the jurisprudence and law department Dr. Talib at the Faculty of Law  and in a speech he welcomed the attendees. He stressed the importance of cooperating with the institutions in conveying the message of society, pointing to the importance of knowledge of the rights of women.

The representative of women development and media Farha Abu Al-Haija assured the importance of the workshop about women's right to inheritance and the importance of fair distribution, pointing out that in the case of fair distribution affects positively on women and the society socially and economically, explaining that combating violence against women and not harming them in any form contributes in formatting a society governed by justice a woman who preserves her dignity in fact creates a generation that cherishes his dignity, religion, country and family.

the Dean of the College of the Religion fundamentals in Qalqilya, Professor Hassan Shehadeh, discussed how Islam honored women and gave them all their rights. He pointed out that the inheritance law in the Shari'a is called obligatory science, and most of these are set for women to assert their rights. In the light of Islam and the Prophet peace be upon him, he commended women which emphasizes the greatness of women in Islam.