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Commercial Law Master Thesis Defense at Arab American University

Monday, September 18, 2017

Researcher Majd Riad Assaf, commercial law student at the Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies, discussed her thesis on “Legal Regulation of Foreign Firms in Palestine: Study and Comparison”.

Researcher Majd Riad Assaf Defense

In her thesis, she mentioned the regulations for foreign firms, compared the three legislations of Palestinian, Jordanian and Egyptian and she merely addressed some legal texts in Lebanon, Emirates and Qatar which deal with the existence of such firms in their countries.

She concluded, for their sake all countries especially the developing ones, should have foreign companies within their lands to benefit from it; more manpower employment and advancement at all levels especially the economic and technological levels.

By the end, the committee of thesis supervisor and head of committee Dr. Ahmad Abu Zeina, Arab American University Internal Examiner Dr. Anas Abu Own and external examiner from An-Najah University Dr. Mouaid Hattab, decided to give Majd Assaf a master degree.