A Delegation from the Council of Optometry Visits the University in Ramallah

Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Delegation from the Council of Optometry Visits the University in Ramallah Campus to discuss methods of cooperation and developing optometry in Palestine.

Part of the Visit

The delegation was represented by Mr. Ashraf Al-Rimawi, memebers of the Board of Directors, Mr. Raed Al-Shala, and Mr. Najwa Al-Saadi, as well as members of the Scientific Committee of the Union Mr. Rami Danna, Mr. Yousuf Odeh, Mr. Jaafar Qaraish, Mr. Ibrahim Taha and Ms. Reem Shahin.

The Academic Advisor Prof. Walid Deeb welcomed the delegation also the Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing Dr. Mohammed Asia, and the program Coordinator of ophthalmic nursing at the University Dr. Leyana Labadi, as well as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Optics at Hadassah Hospital, Dr. Rima Khayat.

During the meeting, Dr. Deeb and Dr. Asia introduced the Arab American University, its history, its distinguished facilities and its graduate programs.

Several topics were discussed during the meeting on how to build a relationship and cooperation between the two parties. As the university's showed its readiness to open its doors and facilities for scientific sessions, workshops and conferences that benefit the optometrist affiliated enrolled in the union and support the optics Union for future university programs.

The delegation praised the university and its distinguished academic programs and its high level facilities. As they also expressed their readiness to cooperate in raising the profession of optics on global levels and develop optics services provided to the Palestinian citizen.