Dr. Raham Nazzal from the University Got a Zamalah Fellowship to Conduct Research on Genetic Diseases in Palestine

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dr. Raham Nazzal, Associate Professor at the Arab American University Basic Medical Sciences Unit, received the Zamalah Fellowship presented by the Bank of Palestine to finish her scientific research entitled “Clinical Application of Modern Human Genome Analysis Techniques to Investigate the Molecular Causes of Common Genetic Diseases in Palestine.”

Dr. Riham Nazzal, Assistant Professor in the Basic Medical Sciences Unit at the University

Dr. Nazzal said she will make her research at the Arab American University advanced genetic laboratories in its Ramallah campus, and the research will be continued at the British University of Exeter Medical School and its university hospital.

Noting that genetic diseases and genes related diseases are common in Palestinian society, because of societal conditions that favor relatives’ marriage and long reproductive age, which makes it a beneficial research for the provided health services for the people. She hopes through it to contribute to this field development in Palestine, which benefits the provided health services to citizens, and accelerate the discovery process and innovation in the Arab American University.

Dr. Nazzal said this research aims to develop the ability to identify molecular genetic diseases among different patients by participating in clinical gene clinics, develop the ability to analyze patients' cases then to provide both them and their family’s treatment and preventive plan based on the molecular genetic tests and research results, improve the molecular diagnostic laboratories management and organize work with research laboratories to ensure harmony among them.