The E-Learning Center in AAUP Announces the Beginning of Work to Get NAACE Accreditation

Sunday, July 11, 2021

The E-Learning Center in Arab American University announced the beginning of the work to get the NAACE accreditation under collaboration with Eummena which is an external consultant in this field.

NAACE is an organization among some other institutions that work in the field of education in the UK that works in developing the role of technology in education and putting some long-term plans for e-learning.

This accreditation will enable Arab American University to access and use the evaluation and review tools of NAACE, its e-gate, developing education journal, e-evidence, and self-evaluation and assessment of evaluating the university performance about using the technology in education. This step will also enable our university to apply for NaaceMark certificate which is an award that sets a gold standard for best practices in educational technology.