Faculty of Nursing at AAUP Won the Distinguished Institution Award for the Year 2019

Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Faculty of Nursing at AAUP won the Distinguished institution award for the year 2019 among Arab Universities, which was chosen by the General Secretariat of Scientific Association of Arab Nursing Faculties of Association of Arab Universities.

The Faculty of Nursing at AAUP is known as an international typical faculty equipped with world-class labs and devices. The academic teaching in the faculty is delivered by professional faculty members that are capable in graduating distinguished graduates locally and internationally.

AAUP President Prof. Ali Abu Zuhri said that this wonderful success for Faculty of Nursing in winning the Distinguished institution award for the year 2019 among Arab Universities, is an outcome of the great efforts of AAUP and the Faculty, along with the recommendation of AAUP BOD, where Dr. Yousef C-BOD assigned to provide the faculty with international labs and equipment to become an international faculty that serves its students and society.    

President Assistant of medical schools Prof. Mohammad Asia said that Faculty of Nursing has achieved this award as a result of its long years of hard working, preparation, and teaching. As well as achieving all quality standards in its labs and academic plans.

he added that this great achievement comes from the AAUP family and Palestine, and will be followed with other similar achievements, as he added that the medical schools own a good reputation for its hard work and continuous developments. Adding the AAUP works on providing the latest medical technologies for its students.