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The Faculty of Sport Sciences Resumes the Practical Training for its Students

Monday, June 15, 2020

The Faculty of Sport Science in Arab American University resumed the practical trainings for its students for spring semester 2019/2020 courses, taking in consideration all safety precaution procedures and social distancing that was determined by the Ministry of Health, especially after changing the educational process to be all through e-learning after the spread of Coronavirus.

Part of the practical training for the Students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences

The faculty began with the practical training for courses like football, swimming, athletics, basketball, gymnastics and other practices and trainings.

Professor Ali Zeidan AbuZuhri- the University President said that the university was committed to the instructions provided by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and it started the practical training for the courses that need such training in the different faculties. This training comes as complementary to the spring semester 2019/2020 and complementary to the e-learning that started as a result of the spread of Coronavirus in Palestine.

Prof. Abu Zuhri added that the university cares about the safety of its students, staff and faculty members, and so some strict precautions were applied inside the campus and around its facilities. There is a continuous sterilization to all university facilities on a regular basis. Medical gloves, masks and sanitizers are regularly handed out to students and staff in order to make everyone aware of the need to adhere to safety procedures that the Ministry of Health stated.

Students expressed that they are satisfied with the safety steps that AAUP are considering by providing the needed tools and medical sanitizers, in addition to applying social distancing procedures during practical trainings. Students also appreciated that AAUP decided to continue their educational mission during the corona pandemic, and appreciated that the university always listened to the problems they faced at the beginning of the e-learning process which enabled them to overcome this crisis with confidence and distinction. 

Part of the practical training for the Students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences
Part of the practical training for the Students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences