Granting Ten Thousand Dollars to Support Activities: The Chairman of Board of Directors Meets with The Student Council

Monday, October 8, 2018

The Chairman of Board of Directors of Arab American University, Dr. Yousef Asfour, and the Universitys’ President along with the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Ara, met with members of the Student Union Council at the University to discuss a number of issues related to students, and within their concern in providing and supporting the students needs through their representatives.

During the meeting, Dr. Asfour listened to the current needs of the Council and its future plans for serving the students and outlined the problems that facing them. He also reviewed the Council's work with the Presidency of the University and other administrative bodies, that aims to develop the Trade Unions activities for the Council. 

Dr. Asfour praised the university students for their excellence in the academic and practical level and the graduates their uniqueness in the labor market. He praised the efforts of the student council that follows up in students' affairs and work continuously with the university administration to find solutions. The council also recommended strengthening and diversifying its cultural, social and entertainment extracurricular activities, that contributes the development of students' skills and create an interactive environment among them.

Dr. Asfour granted $ 10,000 to encourage further achievements, enhance and implement targeted extracurricular activities and support the students fund that’s in need.

The representatives of the Council thanked the Chairman of Board of Directors and members of the Board for their generous support, which is a continues approach from the Board of Directors to stand by the students and encourage them for initiative and creativity.