A Group of Students from the Faculty of Graduate Studies in AAUP Participates in "Innovation Arabia Conference" that was Organized in Dubai

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Under the auspices of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai-U.A.E and the President of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, the 14th Innovation Arabia Conference was recently organized in Dubai where a group of students from the Faculty of Graduate Studies in Arab American University participated with more than 9 researches, as 20 other countries participated in the conference.

Dr. Mohammad Mereb- a lecturer in the Faculty of Graduate Studies who supervised on  participated students’ researches said that students from the Master in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis and Master in Data Science and Business Analytics participated in the conference to enhance the scientific research between graduate studies students. He explained that the researches that students participated in were developed in the “Scientific Research Methods” and “Information and Networks Security” courses as the topics were submitted to the conference committee in order to get the approval. He added that the researches will be published in a special book by the conference administrative.

The researches that were submitted were as the following: Ola Mashaqi submitted a research about “Impact of COVID-19 on Consumers Behavior”, while Mohammad Hamayel submitted a research about “IMPROVEMENT OF PERSONAL LOANS GRANTING METHODS IN BANKS USING MACHINELEARNING METHODS AND APPROACHES IN PALESTINE” whereas Firas Abu Hasan’s research was about “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy”.

Adnan Ibrahim submitted a research about “The Impact of COVID-19 on using mobile E-Wallet in Palestine – Case Study”, where Mohammad Abu Asab’s research was about “The impact of COVID-19 on education”. Sanad Malaysheh’s research was about “Using ANNs in Detecting "Network Traffic-based Attacks”, whereas Abdelhakim Al Arda submitted a research about “The Impact of COVID-19 on Education [case study in AAUP]”. Fadi Hazbon on the other hand submitted a research about “Digital Banking in Palestine – Based Fintech: The impact of digitalization banking at the customer financial services” and Dirar Abu Shikha’s research was about “The impact of COVID-19 on cybersecurity andthe detection of cybercrime with artificial intelligence”.