Hassib Sabbagh Center Organizes a Workshop on Palestinian Labor Market Challenges

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Hassib Sabbagh Center for IT Excellence at AAUJ organized a workshop entitled “The Palestinian Labor Market Challenges” in cooperation with Transcend, in presence of Hassib Sabbagh Center Director Alaa Hattab, Director of Transcend Company Engineer Thaer Al-Aiaseh, and Human Resources Manager Shadi Hamadneh.

Part of conducting interviews with students for training and employment

Director of Hassib Sabbagh Center Alaa Hattab started it with a welcoming speech. Stressing on its importance to inform students about the essential skills they must possess during applying for work in Palestinian market. He praised Transcend role in developing job opportunities for students and graduates. Also mentioned that the signed MoU means the two parties will train 24 students, selected according to agreed criteria.

As for Transcend Director General Thaer Al-Aiaseh praised the Arab American University role in developing students, whether at school or after graduation. He highlighted the most important obstacles facing graduates and students in the labor market, stressing on the importance of enhance students' skills and abilities. Also mentioned the importance of leadership and creativity as a solution to the growing unemployment among young people, especially graduates.

Shadi Hamadneh, the Human Resources Manager at Transcend, pointed to the most important things the applicant should have, pointing to most important skills that university students must practice on. Providing a set of tips and recommendations for attending students.

At the end, 30 students were interviewed to choose a group of trainees for three months. After being tested they’ll be hired in the company’s new office at the university.