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Installing Modern Education Technology Tools to University Teaching Classes

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Arab American University has always seeks to improve to the newest academic programs, scientific research and everything serving students and local community. In response of the development and expansion at the faculties of Aliening Medical Sciences and Nursing and the desperate need to develop modern teaching methods, the university updated from traditional to electronic teaching tools in 19 classrooms and laboratory in the faculties.

Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing Dr. Mohamed Asia said “Since the beginning of the current academic year and with the support of the University Directors Board and its Presidency, the traditional educational methods have been updated. Handwriting and old whiteboards have been replaced with Smart boards”.

He added “This development contributed to the interactions between teachers and students of the faculties during the lecture, where students doesn’t need to write, but is stored in the lecture by the teacher of the course and send it in full to his e-mail, and this contributed to the delivery of information by technological means”.

Dr. Asia pointed that the equipment consisted of a display system, a smart board and an internet connected computer in which the videos are used. Stressing, the current modern system is the first of its kind in Palestine.

He pointed, the modern digital educational system has many advantages, and most importantly the redundancy of the various computers, associated maintenance, periodic follow-up, remove electrical and electronic connections, which are often damaged, between the devices and their maintenance. In addition it speeds up performance as the system is connected to the teacher computer from the office without needing other devices, writing and manual methods are eliminated, and the contents of the lectures are stored directly as they are written, making it easier to refer to later if necessary. Also can’t be affected by power black outs and easy to connect with projectors.

Dr. Asia explained that this scientific revolution is a fraction of the academic education improvement. Both bachelor and postgraduate programs curriculums will be updated and linked to specific education outcomes, develop laboratories and practical training systems, as well as creating specialized centers to support academic undergraduate and graduate studies programs.