Introducing Special Course for the 1948 Palestinian Students at the University Faculty of Law

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Faculty of Law at the Arab American University has developed a special course for the 1948 Palestinian lands students’ enrolled in the university, which meets the labor market requirements in terms of the laws and the in force procedures at courts and various departments.​

Faculty of Law

The Dean of the Faculty Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh, said this path was developing due to the 1948 students’ large and growing demand to study in the faculty and meet their ambitions and future desires. Also facilitate their integration into their residential areas’ labor market. He added, it was the result of intensive studies and specialized meetings with top Arab legal consultants, lawyers and judges who praised and encouraged it, affirming it strengthens the Arab American University role in providing everything required for the 1948 students’, especially qualifying law students to pass the exams professional practicing with distinction.

Regarding this path details Dr. Daraghmeh pointed that the faculty, after the university deans' council blessings and approval, has added six special courses to the faculty’s plan, namely, Labor and Social Security Laws in Force in the 48 Lands, Property and Family and Inheritance Legislation, the Criminal Law (Penalties and Procedures), Commercial Laws, the Code of Civil Procedure and Professional Ethics, and Basic and Administrative Laws, these courses are taught in Hebrew.

It’s good news for enrolled students and students wishing to join, as it will save them time and effort to study these courses and practice on them during their university studies. Thus, qualify them for training and prepare for the profession practicing exams and join and compete in the labor market.