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Launching International Nurses Day Events at the University under the Title "Supporting Thalassemia Patients"

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Arab American University Faculty of Nursing celebrated the International Nurses Day under the title “Supporting Thalassemia Patients”, in partnership with the Thalassemia Patients Friends Society and the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

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Several events were held to celebrate the day, they included scientific and educational lectures, workshops, a campaign to collect blood donations for patients along with distributing leaflets.

The events started with an opening session attended by VP of the Arab American University for Training Affairs Dr. Nizam Diab, Palestinian Ministry of Health representative Dr. Abdullah Bani Odeh, Chairman of the Thalassemia Patients’ Friends Society Dr. Bashar Al-Karmi, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Dr. Imad Abu Khader, representatives of hospitals and health centers in the West Bank, some of the university academic and administrative bodies members, and students of the Faculty of Nursing.

Dr. Diab started the session welcoming the audience on behalf of the President of the University Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri and praised the Faculty of Nursing role which graduated generations of the Angels of Mercy, who have a healthy and humane role. Noting, the University has held sessions and activities with a positive effect on society and students.

Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Dr. Imad Abu Khader said: “The evolution of the nursing school at the Arab American University has been underway for years when we decided the strategy for keeping up with the latest education and training, based on international standards with the students as the educational process core. We’re focusing on this process and its productivity, preparing students to meet life challenges in the present and future which is the Faculty’s main goal.”

“As a result, the Faculty is working on preparing a graduate with the theoretical knowledge, practical experience, positive behavior, the ability to employ them in building himself, and developing his society. All of which by providing high-quality education by international standards, developing the provided academic services level, improving and developing academic programs in accordance with the labor market need. As well as promoting self-learning philosophy in solving problems and lifelong learning”, he added.

In the Ministry of Health speech, delivered by Dr. Abdullah Bani Odeh, he said: “To confirm the nursing role, the annual celebration comes with an appropriate slogan to meet the nursing required roles and tasks. This celebration also supports Thalassemia patients to emphasize the nursing staff role in providing care, awareness, and treatment for them.”

The Director of the Thalassemia Patients’ Friends Society Dr. Bashar Al-Karmi thanked the Arab American University for organizing this event, hoping to achieve a positive outcome for the patient's benefit. In the Nursing Association speech by Jamal Shtayeh, he congratulated the nursing sector on their day and praised their humanitarian role. Presented their sacrifices and citing the difficulties nurses face.

The events included; educational session on the Thalassemia, simulation teaching lecture for nursing students, and opening the chance for the university staff and students to donate blood and money to the Thalassemia Patients Friends Society.

From the event