A Lecture About Risk Management for Students in Strategic Planning Master Program

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Faculty of Graduate Studies at Ramallah Campus hosted Mr. Awad Qumsieh, Enterprise Risk Manager at Ooreedo Palestine in a lecture for students of the strategic risk management course in the Master of Strategic Planning and Fundraising program

Part of the Lecture

Dr. Ra’id Shomali, course professor, invited Mr. Qumsieh to class in order to share his experiences in managing enterprise risk for a major private sector Palestinian organization. In his talk, Mr. Qumsieh emphasized that even though regulatory pressures have increased the implementation of risk management in the banking industry, Ooreedeo is the first private sector organization to voluntarily establish an enterprise risk management department. After the conclusion of the event, Mr. Qumsieh expressed his happiness with the student’s knowledge of risk terminology and processes. Mr. Qumsieh had a lively and engaging Q & A session with the students. 

Dr. Ra’id Shomali continuously infuses his classes with guest speakers (experts, executives, etc.). He believes that it is important to link market realities to the student learning experiences. Not only does it make the university programs more relevant, but also showcases to students the practical value of their obtained knowledge and skills. 

Part of the Lecture