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Major-General Attallah: The University is Our Biggest Example of Ability to Make the Future with Palestinian Human Energies

Thursday, July 26, 2018

“We are proud of this scientific edifice, which has demonstrated that Palestinian capital if it’s properly employed, can build a model state with will and patriotism,” said Palestinian police chief Major-General Hazem Attallah during his visit to the campus of the Arab American University in Ramallah. “To belong to these people and their sacrifices AAUJ, with its young age and great achievements is the biggest example of our ability to build the future with Palestinian human energies. We have created police service with the help of Palestine’s sons and daughters, all our members of Palestinian police are professionals, each in their location,” he added.

Welcoming Major-General Hazem Attallah during his visit to Ramallah campus

His visit to the campus came to learn about the university, its academic programs, and training centers, and to discuss ways to enhance cooperation in mutual interest. The Director General of Police came with his Adviser, Brigadier Jaber Asfour, chief of Police Director General Dr. Khaled Sabaten, director of the Academic Affairs Department Colonel Mansour Khuzaimia, and director of the guard department Colonel Nasser Abu Hanana.

They were welcomed by Chairman of the University Directors Board Dr. Yousef Asfour, University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri, the board academic advisor and the University founding president Prof. Dr. Walid Deeb, board member Mr. Bahaa Asfour, VP for Administrative and Academic Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arra, VP for international relations Dr. Dalal Erekat, dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Dr. Abdulrahman Abu Libdeh, dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asia, the university PR Director Mr. Fathi Emmor, and Director of the University campus in Ramallah Mr. Mohammad Saba'neh.

“I am happy to see this great scientific edifice, which I heard so much about. Today, after the tour in its classrooms and scientific laboratories I knew that everything I heard about this university was a reason to be proud,” Major-General Attallah said. Adding, “I’m happy to meet the people who run it, and I am proud to visit this distinguished and successful national institution because I know for sure that a country created by its institutions can stand and continue facing changes”.

General-Major Attallah emphasized the university leadership and national role, since its establishment and up to date, by having more than 50% of its students from the 1948 Palestinian territories youths to reflect the Palestinian people true unity.

He stressed, the Palestinian Police Service was one of the Palestinian people most important achievements because it was the most important symbols of Palestinian sovereignty, they insure the security of citizens and their property and the state and people assets. We, in the police, are confident that our achieved successes were the results of sincerity and professionalism in action, the Palestinian people love and defending the police in crisis.

Prof. Dr. Abu Zahri praised the leading role of the Palestinian Police Service, stressing that it had earned the Palestinian people love and confidence in their high professionality, and ability to handle the law wisely. He presented a detailed explaining of the various university faculties, its excellent academic programs in PhD, Masters and bachelor degree. Noting that the university is keen to strengthen its strategic relationship with the Palestinian Police Service through exchanging experiences, establish specialized conferences, raise awareness in many community issues, organize training courses for the police members, and offer scholarships in many disciplines.

Dr. Yousef Asfour praised the Palestinian Police Service efforts to protect national institutions and ensure security and safety to citizens and their property. “The university and Palestinian police are symbols of Palestinian sovereignty, national identity, and their common goals to build the nation, its scientific progress, and keep these achievements.”

He added, AAUJ adopted universal and modern teaching methods, which enabled it to have an advanced position among Palestinian universities. Explaining, the university proceeds with a steady and well-studied academic pace by developing programs to meet national and regional needs and promote many vital areas in Palestine.