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MBA graduates at AAUP announce the establishment of a Union to follow up on their affairs

Saturday, June 8, 2019

MBA graduates, a joint master program between AAUP & Indiana University, announce the establishment of a Union to follow up on their affairs, during a ceremony organized by the graduates at University campus in Ramallah.

MBA graduates at AAUP announce the establishment of a Union to follow up on their affairs

The ceremony was attended by the Academic Advisor Prof. Walid Deeb, the Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies Dr. Abdul Rahman Abu Libdeh, the Administration Manger of the University Campus in Ramallah Mr. Mohammed Sabaaneh, in addition to a group of academic members who teach MBA program, and MBA graduates along with current students.

In his speech to the graduates, the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Dr. Abdul Rahman Abu Lebda, said: "The University is keen to communicate constantly with its graduates from various disciplines and academic programs both in the bachelor's and master's degrees, since these students become ambassadors of the university”.  We are proud of all of them all he added, As the university supports and encourages the creative ideas of its students and graduates. As Dr. Abdul Rahman congratulates the Masters students for establishing this Union to follow up on their affairs”.

He added “Today, we celebrate the gathering of different batched of graduates from MBA program and the announcement of establishing the Union that complements the same MBA program Union in USA and India, which came as an initiative step from the graduates from AAUP. As the university in a strategic step announced the first doctoral joint program in business in Palestine with the cooperation of Indiana University.

The founders of the Union assured that the aim of this Union is to remain connected and communicate with the graduates and the university. As to know the impact of the program in their professional lives, and to benefit from their experience and skills in the future, where the graduates can provide advice and guidance to current students. The Union will also work on serving the graduates and the labor sector. As well as providing constructive ideas and support for those who are interested in studying this program or graduates who hold pioneering ideas.

They also praised the university and its support of their ideas. They assured the great relationships and atmosphere in the university which makes it a unique university in its administration and its students who work together to serve students.

During the ceremony, the graduates from different batches discussed many ideas, suggestions, and agreed on many activities that may be organized in the future.