Minister Saidam Announces Accreditation of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Program at AAUJ

Monday, June 4, 2018

During the Opening of the 9th Engineering and Technology Day

The Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam announces the accreditation of the Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Program at the Arab American University. He also stressed on the university’s initiative to offer 10 scholarships to students of the Red Khan Society, a threatened area to be demolished and removed by the Israeli occupation forces.

The opening session of the Ninth Engineering and Technology Day

In the presence of the University President Prof. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri, Palestinian Engineers Syndicate President Dr. Jalal Dabbeek, Jenin’s Deputy Governor Kamal Abu Al-Rob, administrative staff from the Ministry of Education, representatives of the education directorates in Jenin and Qabatiya, Arab American University VPs and assistants of the President, faculties deans, academic and administrative members, students of the Faculty of Engineering and IT, and representatives of Engineering institutions in the public and private sectors, this came during the opening session of the 9th Engineering and Technology Day at the Arab American University, organized by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

Dr. Saidam called all institutions to start initiatives such as the Arab American Initiative to support Bedouin communities threatened with demolition, praising the effort, which emphasizes that the university is proactive in outstanding initiatives. He said the ministry supports students and schools located in places threatened with demolition and they’re building more schools at Al-Dhahiriya in Hebron, where settlements are expanding.

He congratulated Palestine on activating the new higher education law on the 12th of April 2018. Calling the university to nominate its representative in the new Higher Education Council to support and develop the educational process.

Dr. Saidam also discussed the ministry's plan to attract the 1948 Palestinian students to the Palestinian universities, noting that 6,000 Palestinian students are studying in Arab, European and other countries and the ministry is working to attract them.

He stressed the importance of motivating initiatives and participating in creativity, pointing to the need to support and involve every creative person so that we have a name in the world map of creativity. Stressing the need to promote vocational and technical education, noting that all the university's specializations in the field will be accredited immediately, explaining that the Arab American University has received the most significant number of accreditations regarding quality and is still looking for more.

In the opening speech for the President of the Arab American University Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri, he pointed that the 9th Engineering and Technology Day aims to inform the local community about students' projects and scientific production, enhancing relations with specialized companies and encouraging competition among students.

He explained that the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology is working on organizing this day annually for a number of objectives, most notably presenting the practical and creative production of the faculty students and informing the local community and private sector companies of the students’ achievements, which would use the student projects to serve the community and meet its needs. This day facilitates the enrollment of university graduates in the labor market through the presence of prior knowledge of the companies of these students and their practical capabilities and competencies.

Dr. Abu Zuhri announced the Board of Directors recent decision to reduce the tuition fees for students who wish to join the Faculty of Engineering in the next academic year for high school students, the price is JD 30 per credit hour in engineering specialties for those with 80% grade and higher, and 21 JD per hour for IT majors for those with average of 80% and above. Stressing, the University administration is keen to provide the community with qualified and well-trained graduates, so it provides all the necessary equipment and laboratories.

The head of the Palestinian Engineers Syndicate Prof. Dr. Jalal Dabbeek said the syndicate is part of the society and seeks to excel in qualitative ways. Pointing to its role in the engineering work system which had a positive return reflected on institutions. He referred to its strategic plan during the coming years; we aim to control the quality of the engineering work in all sectors, calling on students to create and be creative in their work and communicate with the syndicate to check their programs. He also stressed the importance of graduation projects as it shapes the students personalities.

Jenin’s Deputy Governor Kamal Abu Al-Rob thanked the University for starting such competition between the students to present their graduation projects to the local community and institutions, along with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education role in encouraging its directorates to compete through technology exhibitions.

The opening session was followed by opening the Student Projects Exhibition of 36 projects, 30 of which were for undergraduates and 6 for master students. The exhibition was unique with the new creative ideas it has like the largest 3D map of Palestine for people with special needs, using several types of technology to detect heart diseases, and using artificial intelligence to service society. The ninth engineering and technology day also included an applied scientific research session and opportunities to link with the labor market.

From the Student’s Projects Exhibition opening