Prof. Dr. Imad Abd Elkhliq Participates in the International Board of Orthodontics Meeting in the US

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dr. Imad Abd Elkhaliq, Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Arab American University, participated in a special meeting for the International Orthodontic Board's Board Licensing Committee held in Washington, DC.

From the Prof. Dr. Imad Abd Elkhaliq participation in the International Board of Orthodontics meeting

Dr. Abd Elkhaliq pointed that the International Federation of Orthodontists has formed a scientific committee specialized in orthodontic examinations worldwide, they are only 16 countries including the State of Palestine. The Orthodontic Program is the only one in Palestine offered by the Arab American University. Pointing, the university has recently established a new campus in the city of Ramallah specialized for this program and fully equipped with the latest technologies.

He explained that the presented topics were the Board's orthodontic exams in each of the participating countries in the meeting. A breif about the Palestinian Board was presented, and Dr. Abd Elkhaliq explained the Palestinian Board system and the list of things presented in the Orthodontics residency program at the Arab American University. Pointing, it is the Committee task to assist the countries with no orthodontics board by establishing a board exam for them.

Group Photo