Researcher Al-Deek Thesis Defense on Banks Social Responsibility

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The researcher, Duaa Jamil Qasem Al-Deek, a student specialized in Strategic Planning and Fundraising at the Faculty of Graduate Studies of the University's Ramallah Campus, defended her Master degree thesis entitled “Social Responsibility of The Operating Banks in Palestine and its Relationship to Profitability.”

Researcher Duaa Jamil Qasem Al-Deek, a student, specialized in Strategic Planning and Fundraising

In her thesis, she pointed to who much banks apply social responsibility, its relation to profitability and planning mechanisms. Stressing the importance of the positive relationship between the social responsibility and the working banks’ profitability with their commitment to imply it.

In the end, the committee composed of the thesis supervisor and the chairman of the committee Prof. Dr. Sherif Abu Karash, the Arab American University internal examiner Dr. Mohamed Abu Sharba and the external examiner from Al-Quds Open University Dr. Yousef Ahmed Abu Farah, decided to give the student Duaa Jamil Al-Deek a Master degree.