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Students of the Master in Data Science in AAUP Develop Models and Projects in Data Sciences that can be a Nucleus for Future Startups

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Students of the Master in Data Sciences in Arab American University developed some research projects in different fields as part of their Data Analysis and Implementation course projects.

The first group of students leaded by Abdelrahman Salameh analyzed the public opinion poll data about the upcoming elections done by the Palestinian Center for Survey Studies managed by Dr. Khalil Shikaki.

Students appreciated the collaboration of the center with them as the center provided students with all the needed data about the orientations of the Palestinian community in the coming legislative and presidential elections.

The analysis concluded that the generation who did not participate in the previous elections will have the biggest role in the coming elections.

The group of Abdelrahman Salameh developed a program through the “Python” package that could help the research centers which do survey analytical studies to do more in-depth studies. The political parties could also benefit from this analysis to prepare their participation in the elections.

The second group of students headed by Nizar Shana’a presented a project that worked on developing a model that could predict people who would leave a communication service that is provided by telecommunication companies.

Using this model, the services provider companies could know the factors that might affect customers and cause them to quit using a specific service and start looking for a new provider.

Ramzi Assaf presented a research project to develop a multivariate model that can predict people who would fail in paying their loans.

Another group headed by Asma Khalil presented a project of a model that can predict people who would quit their current job, and this project can benefit companies to know the factors that might cause their employees to leave their jobs.

Jenin Al Qassam group of Hilal Assaf and Mo’men AbuSalameh developed a model that can detect the unemployed people properties through a deep analysis of the work force that is published regularly by the Central Bureau of Statistics, and then the model can connect the economic features of the community to the political views. 

Tayseer Othman group developed a model to predict the frost days in Qalqilya which will benefit farmers a lot. As when farmers know the days that they might face frost, they will take some precautions that could help in reducing the losses and saving the crops. However, this project did not succeed as Tayseer Othman is still working with the meteorologist Omar Nassar from Qalqilya Weather Station and if this model succeeds, it can work for all places and cities of the West Bank.

And lastly, Farah Abdellatif group tried to develop a model to predict Intel share price through revising the time series for the share price during the previous years since the company was established.

It is worth noting that all the researches and models were conducted under the supervision of Dr. Faisal Awartani.