A Team of Researchers from AAUP Qualified for the Final Stage of the "Medst@rts" Project Funded by the EU

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A team of researchers from the Occupational Therapy Department- the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences in Arab American University was qualified to the final stage of the project “Medst@rts” that is funded by the European Union, as the project “Pediatric OTMobile App” was chosen among the best projects for developing smart phones with a 10 thousand Euro award.

The idea of this project was developed among Mr. Mohammad Salahat, Mr. Majdi Bzour, Mr. Wisam Hanouneh and student Amneh Hasan, and was supervised by Hassib Sabbagh IT Center of Excellence.

The project is an application that can be downloaded on the smart phones for children who face delay in development or who have been exposed to a specific accident. The application provides medical and treatment services remotely through some guiding from a specialized doctor. Moreover, the application will provide follow-up services as the application will send feedback about the commitment of patients in order to improve the patients’ health status.