Monday, January 30, 2017

Researcher Hanan Ahmad Anees, commercial law student at AAUP Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended her master thesis entitled “Legal Regulation of Holding Companies in Palestine”

The researcher the defined holding company in various modern legislation and jurisprudence. Palestinian, Jordanian and Lebanese legislation where compared concerning legal regulation of holding companies.

Among its recommendations, the researcher called Palestinian legislation to approve the Palestinian companies for 2016, due to its positive impact on companies work in the State of Palestine including holding companies. Also she recommended adding a legislative in Companies Law that obliges the holding company responsibility to cover the subsidiaries companies’ depts in case they’re disable to pay.

By end of the denfense, the committee of Thesis Supervisor and Head of committee Dr. Ahmad Abu Zeina, External Examiner from Najah University Dr. Ghassan Khaled and Internal Examiner from AAUP Dr. Anas Abu Aloun decided to give Hanan Anees a Master Degree.