Thesis Defense in Computer Science Master at AAU

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Researcher Salah Jabarin, student at AAUP Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended his thesis in Computer Science entitled: “Communication and Accuracy in Private Networks”.

Jabarin during thesis defense

Researcher Jabarin discussed in his thesis on private bilateral communication networks that have distinctive and unique privacy, stressing on the need for protocols able to manage network and ensure high level of accuracy, communication and provide suitable quality and quantity service. The researcher simulated and evaluated four of the protocols, designed to deal with private networks. The assessment included a set of performance standards such as production, delays, network life and connectivity ratio, these results collected using networks simulation program and fixing a number of variables and balancing other variables. Thesis conclusion, there is a sharp disparity in protocols performance especially in acute conditions; customer traffic speed in the network as well as its limited energy sources.

Researcher added few improvements on one of the protocols’ algorithm to enable it to reduce the number of needed control messages and extend network life for longer time. Results showed improvement in the protocol’s performance in productivity and amount of postulates Data. This algorithm rely mainly on choosing the most stable and high power tracks to transfer data packets through it.

By end of the defense, the Committee of Thesis Supervisor and Head of the Committee Dr. Odwan Yassin, Internal Examiner from AAUP Dr. Alaa Hamarsheh and External Examiner from Al-Quds University Dr. Raed Zaghel decided to give Jabarin a Master Degree.