Thesis Defense in Computer Science Master at AAU

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Researcher Abdulmin’em Abu Hasan Arab American University student at Graduates Faculty defended his Master research in Computer Science field entitled “Analyzing Fraud and Phishing Attacks via the internet and develop prevention techniques”.

Researcher Abdulmin’em Abu Hasan during thesis defense

Researcher Abu Hasan discussed in his research on online phishing attacks, solutions and defense mechanisms that can be taken to reduce or prevent it from happening , these attacks aims to deception users to reveal their personal information like passwords or credit card number, pointing to developing three ways to solve and those phishing the 1st depends on adding new level at the authentication process that uses a user's mobile phone as a second authentication, in addition to a user name and password.

As for the 2nd proposal depends on cancelling the usual validation by password, by using an phone smart application on users phone it will validate and represents the electronical user ID. This suggestion uses digital signatures, joint symmetric key and quick response code technique to replace password with user’s automated entry code.

The 3rd suggestion, depends on reducing the data phishing attacks by building a filtering technique for emails and reveal phishing emails and take needed precautions to prevent showing it for users on the emails system level. Such classification technique depends on applying principles of knowledge discovery techniques, digging data technique and processing coded text technologies

By end of the defense, the Committee of thesis Supervisor, Head of the Committee Dr. Odwan Yassin, Internal Examiner from AAUP Dr. Mohammad Hamarsheh and External Examiner Dr. Hani Salah decided to give Abu Hasan a Master Degree.