Two Students From Postgraduate Studies Win Second & Third Place of the Palestine Islamic Bank for Scientific Research Award

Monday, January 14, 2019

The two researchers at Arab American University, Abeer Abdullah Zaarour (Abu Moyes), specialized in computer science and Maysem Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah, specialized in physics, won the Palestine Islamic Bank Prize for Scientific Research ranking second and third place.  ​

Maysem Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah specialized in physics

They announced the winners and gave them the financial awarded during the ceremony held at Palestine Polytechnic University in the presence of PLO Executive Committee member Mr. Ahmad Al-Tamimi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Palestine Polytechnic University Mr. Refat Tahboub, Director General of the Bank Mr. Bayan Qassem and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Creativity and Excellence Eng. Adnan Samara.

Where the researcher Abeer Abdullah Zaarour received a reward of $ 2000, while the researcher Maysem Abdullah received a reward of $ 1000, and during the ceremony the committee of research evaluation was honored, that was formed by several universities Dr. Mahmoud Manasra from Arab American University, Dr. Talal Shahwan from Birzeit University, Dr. Elham Khatib from Al Quds University, and Dr. Murad Abu Sabeeh from Palestine Polytechnic University.

It is worth mentioning that this award is given to the winners for their efforts and contribution in providing scientific or unique technic through a scientific research or a best publication in a scientific journal that has a distinguished reputation and high classification, and to motivate researchers for more research achievements that serve the community.

Abeer Abdullah Zaarour (Abu Moyes), specialized in computer science