Under the Auspices of the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", the University Celebrates its 16th Batch Commencement

Friday, July 19, 2019

Under the auspices of the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen”, Arab American University celebrated its 16th annual commencement. The university celebrated the graduation of the students of Faculty of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, and Faculty of Sport Sciences.

16th Batch Commencement

The ceremony was attended by President Mahmoud Abbas’s representative, Minister for Higher Education, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mouis; Chairmen of the Board of Directors at Arab American University, Dr. Yousef Asfour; Deputy of Chairman of Board of Trustees, Dr. Salim Abu Khaizaran; President of the University, Professor Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri; members of the Board of Trustees: Governor of Jenin, Major General Akram Al-Rjoub, Governor of Nablus, Major General Ibrahim Ramadan, Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, Dr. Laila Ghannam, Dr. Hussain Alaraj, Mr. Waleed Afifi, Mr. Jamal Abu Al-Rub, Mr. Jamal Huwail, Professor Riad Ghbariya, Mrs. Haniya Bitar, Mr. Khalil Reziq, and Mr. Ahmad Ragheb; members of the Board of Directors: Dr. Rashad Shafeeq, Attorney Baha Aldeen Asfour, Mrs. Sabah Asfour, Dr. Raed Dalbeh, and Academic Advisor to the Board of Directors and founder of Arab American University, Dr. Waleed Dieb. The ceremony was also attended by Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Dr. Ishaq Sider; Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Riad Atari; Governor of Tubas, Major General Younis Alaas; former President of Arab American University, Dr. Adli Saleh; Legal Advisor to the Board of Directors, Attorney Salah Joudeh; representatives of the security services in Jenin; members of Board of Deans at the university; members of the academic and administrative staff; representatives of official, civil, and private organizations; and a large number of parents and guests.   

The ceremony commenced with the entrance of crowds of students, teaching faculty, ceremony host, and was accompanied by the Palestinian National Anthem and Al-Fateha.

The University President Speech

University president, Professor Ali Zeidan Abu Zahri, opened with a few words stating “we are delighted to have this ceremony under the patronage of the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, to whom we send our sincere greetings and appreciation for his continuous support of maintaining Palestinian constants and human dignity” and called the audience to support the president in fulfilling the Palestinian dream of a state despite the oppression and threats from the American administration and Netanyahu’s extremist government.” 

He added “today we celebrate our 16th annual commencement of emerging leaders who successfully completed their university requirements, and have become an epitome of Palestinian leadership; individuals who are able to refine personality and build character needed to face life’s modern challenges, and build an independent State of Palestine and its capital, Jerusalem.” Abu Zarhi stressed that the university constantly aims to cooperate and build networks with international institutions and centers in order to have its academic program meet the quality standards and become accredited and recognized internationally. Moreover, the university seeks to establish new academic programs that meet the needs of the local market, as well as the public. This is why the university is focusing on applied programs with developmental outcomes that are compatible with the Palestinian demand and enable graduates to start working on their own projects that serve their ambitions and achieve their goals for the future.       

Prof. Abu Zahri stated that the university values collaborating with local and international universities on a broader scale, as well as making academic and scientific partnerships locally and abroad, particularly in graduate studies programs, which have proven to yield much success for the university, such as the Master’s Program in Business Administration, and Doctoral Program in Business Administration in collaboration with Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in the United States of America; Bachelor’s Program in Human Medicine in collaboration with University of Jordan; and Doctoral Program in Information Technology Engineering in collaboration with Al-Quds University and Polytechnic University in Hebron.  

Prof. Abu Zahri continued saying that “because the university values interaction with the local community, it has recently established four research centers: Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center (PCRSC); Cancer Center; Climate and Environmental Technology Center; Molecular Genetics Center; therapy centers, such as Natural Therapy Center and Occupational Therapy Center; and a virtual stimulation hospital for nursing students. “We strive to build a center that includes all the therapy institutes in the faculties of Allied Sciences and Nursing in order to become similar to a training hospital for students equipped with the highest quality standards and serves the local community.”    

He added “The university has recently received the approval of National Commission for Accreditation and Quality to offer a bachelor’s program in Prosthetics and Orthotics Sciences, the first of its kind in Palestine, and a bachelor’s program in Environmental Sciences and Technology. Furthermore, FIBA Asia has chosen the university’s gymnasium and stadium as the home court for the Palestine National Basketball Team on which the Asian championships will take place next November. The university has also completed building a semi-Olympic swimming pool of international standards and the first of its kind in Palestine.”     

Prof. Abu Zahri thanked Dr. Yousef Asfour and board members for their continuous participation in providing support in academic needs and scientific research, building modern labs equipped with the highest quality machinery and tools, as well as providing everything needed for a strong infrastructure.” Then, Abu Zahri addressed the graduates telling them “you are entering a new chapter in your lives; some of you will join the job market locally or abroad, and some will choose to continue studying locally or abroad. I advise you to never settle for the easy path, because the difficult path will get you where you want to be, and it is the path through which you can make change, and remember that every race has a finish line except for the one leading to excellence. The university has brought you to the start of the race and now it’s up to you to finish it, you either follow the path to excellence or you stand on the side and watch others take the lead. So, choose the path to excellence and make your lives full of achievements and competition] so that you raise your university’s name high and proud.      

Chairman of the Board of Directors Speech

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Yousef Asfour, expressed his joy in witnessing yet another unique graduation amidst the continuous growth of the university, which has come to be a symbol of knowledge and learning in Palestine and abroad, and said “there are many reasons as to why I am pleased to be here with you all; I am happy to see another group of students join our previous graduates in the job market or in master’s programs, and I am proud to see a group able to face challenges and difficulties, without losing hope, until they achieve all of their goals. I am also proud of this university becoming a symbol of knowledge and learning in Palestine and abroad in less than 20 years since its inception”.  

“There are three reasons for making the university successful”, he added, “and they are: taking a chance, handling risks, and having unlimited potential and creativity… This university was founded with the beginning of the second Intifada in 2000, and has gone through hard moments of closure, siege, and arrests without being defeated. It would have been easier if we gave up then and closed the school, but we were determined to succeed even though we knew it wouldn’t be easy, and we followed the word of poet Abu A-Qasem Al-Shabbi who said ‘those who do not wish to climb the mountain, live in holes, and we refused to live in holes. We want to be on top of the mountain no matter how hard it is to get there, because we know that university was and still is in continuous growth in higher education”.

Dr. Asfour went on “During my speech at the previous commencement almost a year ago, I said that we were working on offering a new master’s program for the first time in Palestine called “Data Science”, a field of study that could still be unknown or vague to some but is vital in this age… Facebook used Data Science and affected the presidential elections in the US. Today, this data is called “the 21st century oil”. Data Science utilizes this oil for several uses such as in industries, medicine, security, energy, wars, elections, planning, amongst many others.”

“To appreciate the effectiveness of this science”, he added “the date created in 1990 can now be produced in less than 3 seconds today. Because this data cannot be handled in a conventional way, there has been a 350% need for Data Science experts in the last few years. The United States has been lacking more than 1.5 million in these experts according to Mackenzie’s report” and added that property possession used to mean owning a land. Today, however, it means owning industries, machines, and data.

Dr Asfour quoted scientist Yuval Noah Harari “those who manage data decide what the future of mankind will be”, and assured that Data Science is ready to be adopted in Palestine, and that the Palestinian youth can use it to compete and serve their country and said  “this is not the first nor last science that comes to Palestine through Arab American University, and we will keep providing the best quality programs” in the hopes that the Data Science master’s program will be adopted by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the near future.

Dr. Asfour finally addressed the graduates and said “you’ve reached to this stage with love and support; I ask you all to stand up and look at your loved ones and thank them for their support. I wish our graduates the best of luck and success as they implement what they have learned throughout their studies in order to become effective and successful contributors to their country. I send warm congratulations to you and to your families.

Honoring Dr. Mahmud Abu Mouis

During his speech, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Yousef Asfour and University president, Prof. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri, honored Minister for Higher Education, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mouis for the trust that he was given by the president of Palestine and the prime minister.

Board of Trustees Speech

Deputy of Chairman of Board of Trustees, Dr. Salim Abu Khaizaran, expressed his pride in the university’s accomplishments so far, and the way it developed and benefited the Palestinian people in all fields and said “that it was due to the phenomenal efforts of our university and its employees, and with support from the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors, which we are thankful for and pleased to have.”  

He added “Looking at the university as a whole and based on our knowledge in the job market and the Palestinian, Arab, and global reality, the Board of Trustees is very pleased with the academic level it has reached thus far, its scientific research and international partnerships, its continuous strives for development and progress, and its academic achievements through its bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, particularly in medical and technological fields”.

Dr. Khaizaran went on saying that the university is currently -through advisory committees set by the Board of Trustees- working on making sure that the university’s academic programs meet the modern scientific standards, and that its students are well educated and prepared to meet the dynamic needs of the international job market, and that these programs qualify graduates to compete in all fields, in order to keep improving Palestine and its capital, Jerusalem.

Finally, Dr. Khaisaran addressed the graduates and said “you are a witness to the university’s efforts and hard work. I congratulate your families for your achievements, and I encourage you all to keep the Palestinian case in mind and to apply the university’s values, creativity, excellence, originality and strive for achieving the best.”

Graduates Speech

During his speech, honor student Omar Shalbak said “during our time at Arab American University, we were a family, learning and growing to raise the name of Palestine high. Here, at my university, I set my dream projects and potential that reach for the sky and paint a better future for Palestine” Shalbak greeted the university’s academics that pledged to provide the world with individuals that value education and knowledge. He also thanked the university administration and its support to students throughout their learning experience. 

Shlabk added “I am graduating today and just yesterday I started working at an esteemed bank in Palestine with placement from the university. The university has taught me to take part in curricular and extra-curricular activities, in order to develop academically and in the workplace”. Shalbak invited students to get involved in extra-curricular activities and events, and to strive to always grow and improve themselves, and that certificates should include skills that make it easier to join the world of business and achieve dreams. 

The Representative of the President of State of Palestine Speech

Minister for Higher Education, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mouis expressed that the ministry supports dual and non-conventional programs that help in the development of Palestine, and that he supports applied sciences with social and economic effects that aid technology in achieving leadership in sustained development. He added that the world is witnessing a high technological competition, and that the government has set a plan for the future of higher education in Palestine entitled “Transition from teaching to learning, and from needing to producing”. 

Dr. Abu Mouis thanked the president and prime minister of Palestine and congratulated the graduates and their families and said that these graduates are the ones to build Palestine and told them “raise your head high because you are Palestinian and because you are an Arab American University graduate from our beloved Jenin… many years have gone by and the university is now in both Jenin and Ramallah”.

Finally, Dr. Abu Mouis sent his greetings to Palestinian prisoners and called for the importance of standing with the president in facing the elimination issue that the Palestinian case is facing.

The Engineer Zuhair Hijawi Award

In his speech, Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Mahmoud Manasrah said “Because Arab American University values scientific research locally and abroad, it is granting three awards in support of scientific research: Award for Best Published Work in Arab American University Magazine for 2018; Award for Excellence in Scientific Research for Palestinian University Instructors in three categories: Natural Science and Engineering, Health and Medical Sciences, Human and Social Sciences; Engineer Zuhair Hijawi Award for Student Seminars in Palestinian Universities in: Technological Information, Engineering, Environmental Science and Renewable Energy, Biomedical and Agricultural Sciences, and Basic Research.

Award Winners

The Award for Best Published Work in Arab American University Magazine for 2018, worth 15 thousand dollars, went to Nivin Remawi from Al-Quds University; Dr. Hisham Darwish from Arab American University; researchers Mirvat Al-Taher Mahmoud, Eman Ali Alfarjani, and Marwa Fekri Al-Alem from University of Tripoli in Libya; and researchers Zahra Ibrahim Al-Jali and Nisreen Mohammad Heybeh from Omar Al-Mokhtar University in Libya.  

Award for Excellence in Scientific Research for Palestinian University Instructors in three categories, worth four thousand dollars, went to the following: In Heath and Medical Sciences, Dr. Mohye Al-Deen Al-Asali as a main researcher, and others from An-Najah University for their published work in International Journal of Nanomedicine; Dr. Kamal Dmeedi as a main researcher, and other from Arab American University for their published work in PLoS One.

In Natural Sciences and Technological Engineering, Dr. Hazem Abu Shaweesh, and others from Al-Aqsa University; and Dr. Fahed Takrouri and others from Hebron University for their published work in Sensors and Actuators B in Gaza. 

In Human and Social Sciences, the award for Applied Surface Science has been eliminated due to lack of meeting the competition requirements.

As for the Engineer Zuhair Hijawi Award: In Technological Information, three researches won from Arab American University implemented by Hanady Ibrahim Al-Souqi, Mahmoud Mazen Qalawla, Maha, Mustafa Mahmoud Shalbi, Baraa Mahmoud Ahmad Abu-Alrub, Orjuan Osama Ahmad Heejawi, Amal Bassam Mahmoud Kamil, Adan Mohammad Abd Eliat, Hanaa Mahmoud Taye Zakarneh, and Safaa Kathem Kamel Qalawleh.

In Engineering, one research won implemented by Diana Nour Aldeen Motee Odeh and Saja Mazen Ahmad Najjar from An-Najah University.

In Environmental Science and Renewable Energy, two researches won implemented by Riham Majed Mohammad Salim Abu Menshar and Mary George Khoury Dueeq from Polytechnic Univeristy in Hebron; Afnan Mohammad Yousef Babia and Rawda Maen Eid Sunoqrot and Kawthar Wael Faisal Abu Hadid from Polytechnic University on Hebron.

In Biomedical and Agricultural Sciences, two researches won implemented by Bshaer Ayman Abdalghani Sued from Hebron University, Sanad Ahmad Mohammad Bin Ali, and Hasan Ahmad Mohammd Baradae from An-Najah University.

In Basic Sciences, one research won by Jihad Sameer and Hasan Asaad from Al-Azhar University in Gaza.


The ceremony host, Chairman of Board of Directors, University President, Deputy of Chairman of Board of Trustees, and Faculty Deans distributed degrees for graduates and those expected to graduate in the first, second, or summer semester for 2018/2019 as follows :

Faculty of Administrative And Financial Sciences

Accounting Specialization 

Omar Muez Rida Shalbak \ First student at the Faculty
Ibrahim khaled Ahmed Khamaiseh
Ahmad Hussein Ahmad Kmail
Ahmad Khairi Yousef Ibrahim
Ahmad Roushdi Abdel Rahman Badosi
Ahmad Sami Ahmad Zaza
Ahmad Aref Ahmad Jarrar
Ahmad Awni Mahmood Odeh
Ahmed Maen Ahmed Khalaf
Ahmad Mofeed Ahmad Abubaker
Adam Khaled Mohammad Nabhan
Isra Waleed Mahmoud Hamoda
Aseel Bilal Taher Kmail
Aseel Hakam Saeed Jarrar
Amanda Atallah Mosleh Ghannam
Aisar Mohammad Saleem Shaban
Ayman Mohammad Ahamd Rabaya
Ahmad Shwqe Saleem Abbes
Ahmad Fawwaz Abd Alrhman Kmail
Ahmad Mahmoud Deeb Nazzal
Azhar Hussam Aldin Sulayman Bzour
Anas Mohammad Ahmad Oraidy
Basil Azzam Khalid Darwesh
Batoul Bashar Nasri Jalodi
Braa Jameel Abdellatef Anzawi
Bayan Majed Asi Suliman
Tamara Kayed Mohammad Abu-Baker
Jaber Omar Ahmad Faza
Jameel Jamal Ahmad (Othman Mousa)
Jihad Mustafa Hasan Qalalwa
Jawad Adnan Nimer Hanaisheh
George Mueen Yousef Jboor
Hothaifa Mohammed Naje Sawafta
Hosam Belal Ali Salah Alden
Danya Tayseer Ibraheem Khamaysih
Dema Majdy Najeeb Hethnawi
Deema Mohammad Kamal Abu Zeineh
Dena Mohammad Ahmad Abbadi
Rami Mosleh Ali Tamrawy
Ra'qa Saed Mohammad Abahri
Rahme Omar Reda Abu Salameh
Rasha Nizar Helmi Abo Baker
Rasheeda Ibraheem Ali Daraghmeh
Raghad Hamid Mohammad Baniodeh
Raghad Salahodeen Ali Qasrawi
Raghad Waleed Theeb Ararawi
Ramzi Nadeem Amen Masad
Rawan Shafeeq Awad Al-Refaee
Rawan Naser Mohamad KMAIL
Rawand Alaa Hamdan Thaher
Sajeda Belal Sadeq Kmail
Sajeda Salih Abd Almuti Omareya
Sajeda Abd Alnaser Khamees Odeh
Sajeda Musa Abed Nassar
Sari Saif Aldeen Ahmad Khaseeb
Samia Jamal Sadeq Abubaker
Saeed Basem Saeed Bane Odeh
Saeed Mahmoud Hussein Al-Ghawadra
Salsabeel Allan Ahmad Dabk
Salwa Ahmad Abdullah Ammori
Saleem Yasser Saleem Sallam
Samah Abed Faeez Daraghmeh
Samah Yoseef Mohammad Khamaisy
Sahel Hussein Mahmoud Alyat
Saif Al-Dein Abdalah Abd-Alqader Abo-Alhaija
Seif Nooraldeen "Muhammad Ali" Sal'ous
Shady Tareq Mohammad Jbareen
Shams Aldoha Mohammad Husni Abu Alhassan
Shahd Derar Saleem Abu Alwafa
Shahd Mohammad Saleh Abed
Saba Jamal Sadeq Al Qaroot
Safa Saeed Ahmad Abu Baker
Duha Naser Mohammad Abu Taleb
Tariq Ziyad Abdellattif Kilany
Abed-Alhafed Hashem Abed-Alhafed Alsadi
Abd Al Rahim Mahmoud Mohammad Kmail
Abdel Rahman Hasan Saleh Olaiyat
Abdelatef Eyad Abdelatef Maree
Abdelmajed Suleiman Abdul Kareem Zakarnah
Odai Ghaleb Moustafa Turkman
Ez-Edden Sami Ahmad Almasalma
Issam Majed Salama Sharar
Allam Ibraheem "Mohammad Ali" Omarya
Ali Nasser Ali Abusalah
Omar Ibrahem Saleem Abu Ibaid
Omar Ahmad Abd Alafew Nazzal
Omar Khairy "Mohamed Said" Abu Khalil
Omar Mohammed Shareef Abu Baker
Fatima Basem Mustafa Zakarneh
Fatema Osama Mosa Mawassi
Fayeq Abd Alkarim Fayeq Awwad
Fatehia Tawfiq Theeb Khateeb
Fahed "Mohammad Jameel" Mohammad Abu Abed
Qutaiba Abdallah Husain Sawafta
Qassam Emad Taher Jaber
Qusai Adnan Abd Al Qader Anbosi
Kefaya Ahmad Mohammed Sawafta
Lara Nabeel Jad Isaied
Lana Jehad Nafe Abu Taleb
Loai Sami Najib Kaspari
Loay Alaa Aldeen Adnan Rabaya
Leena Wael Mohammad Sabbah
Masa Mahyoub Mostafa Sawafta
Maher Mohammad Abd Allatef Saifi
Mamoon Hani Masoud Qabaha
Majd Iyad Zaki AL-Atrash
Majd Abbaas Khaled Bawagneh
Majd Adnan Ateia Ajouly
Majd Haroun Abed Iz_Alddeen
Mohammad Ahmad Fuad Salameh
Mohamed Amjad Mostfa Qrani
Mohamad Anwar Ahmad Arab Alkabya
Mohammad Jehad Ali Shawahni
Mohammad Hasan Ahmad Mahmoud
Mohammad Hassan Mohammad Abo Al Rob
Mohammed Khaled Saleh Alsadi
Mohammad Khaled Mahmoud Zaid
Mohammad Raid Rasme Harashi
Mohammed Rasmi Mohammed Sammouda
Mohammad Reyad Mahmoud Omaria
Mohammad Salah Mahmoud Almasri
Mohammed Adnan Fayez Bzour
Mohammad Faeq Anees Almsaad
Mohammad Faheem Kamil Nairat
Mohamad Mofeed Abedalaziz Ghanem
Mahmoud Ibrahem Hassan Hamdoni
Mahmood Amjad Saleh Khaldi
Mahmoud Jamal Salah Al Deen Shaban
Mahmoud Khaled Ahmad Khamaiseh
Mahmoud Hammam Huseen Sammodi
Madleen Nasem Noeman Isayed
Maram Louy Mohamad Oroaq
Marwa Mohammad Sadiq Abu Baker
Mariam Ghassan Aziz Dabies
Mustafa Fathi Mustafa Qalalweh
Mostafa Mohammad Mostafa Shamali
Mosab Farouq Mustafa Abu-Lebdeh
Muath Akram Mohammad Taleb
Miqdad Shaher Yousef Shehada
Malak Ziad Thiab Abuhasan
Meleza Mohammad Rasheed Jabareen
Manal Ahmad Abd Almon'em Hamdan
Mohanad Imad Fahed Qalalweh
Momen Wasfe Ahmad Abu Alrob
Mais Eyad Rajh Hamo
Mays Qasim Ahmad Alfandi
Maysam Motea' Saeed Taleb
Nareng Waleed Mohammad Staiti
Nida Basil Mohammad Ammar
Nida Ziyad Jameel Shomar
Nidal Amin Abd Alkareem AbuTaleb
Noor Aldeen Yazeed Ahmad Jawabreh
Noor Fahmi Ali Abu Bshara
Noora Ghaleb Mohamad Immar
Hadeel Bashar Youssef Shalabi
Hadeel Emad Mousa Abu Tabeekh
Hala Omar Saleh Albarri
Hala Qasim Jameel Sawafta
Wesam Bassam Taiser Younis
Wala Osama Fawaz Zeidan
Yara Shahlan Kamel Alasmar
Yasmeen Bashar Rateb Ewais
Yahya Majed Husain Zakarneh
Yazeed Nihad Said Melhem
Yosra Rasheed Fayad Zyood
Yousef Mohammad Shaaban Atiye

Marketing Specialization

Ahmed Khaled Mohammad Sarhan
Asma Waleed Ahmad Nazzal
Amjad Khaled Mahmoud Abu Khamees
Anas Abedalra'of Mohammad Almadani
Iyad Yousef Hasan Daraghmeh
Ehab Najeh Faiz Qerem
Hossam Majed Saeed Zakarneh
Khalid Jamal Mraweh Nueirat
Rawan Nasser Fayez Alshayeb
Zaid "Mohammad Marshed" Radwan Sweidan
Swar Riyad Mohammad Attari
Tareq Zead Saleem Abu Jibneh
Abdallah Emad Abdallah Barabrah
Odai Hilal Najeb Hammad
Ali Mohamad Deeb Abo Naem
Fatima Taysir Naf' Badarne
Veneez Bashar Sameeh Jarrar
Qais Bassam Taher Jalghoum
Majd Sobhi Eid Jaber
Mohammad Sameer Mohammad Mahmood
Mohammd Fathi Lutfi Talalwi
Mohammad Mahmmoud Mohammad Ayoub
Mahmoud Maher Mohammad AL-Abed
Mostafa Mahyoub Mostafa Sawafta
Noor Hisham Mahmoud Massad

Financial and Banking Sciences Specialization

Ahmad Anis Ahmad Jarrar
Islam Ali Saleh Tazazaa
Azhar Mhammad Rafiq Lahluh
Jehad Ahmad Faleh Arar
Khaled Jamal Sadeq Abubaker
Deiana Ahmed Ali Abu Baker
Rawan Abed Alraheem ٌRusle Omour
Rawnaq Yosef Hussein Dyabat
Soha Marwan Tawfeeq Ghannam
Dia'a Yasser Rasheed Shaikh Ibrahem
Omar Amer Abdallah Omar
Faten Aref Khaled Fawakhriya
Lana Ahed Ahmad Zyood
Mohammad Yousef Khaled Khloof
Malak Ibrahim Hasan Jabr
Mona Zyad Mohammad Sabaneh
Nabeeh Jereis Nabeeh Isaid
Noor Hekmat Ahmad Khateeb
Haya Asim Hassan Sobuh

Business Administration Specialization

Ahmad Waleed Ahmad Sabah
Anaghem Mohammad Rashd Kmail
Hamze Samah Abdallah Zghebi
Dalal yousef Mousa Damlakhy
Rama Imad Mohammad Atari
Ruba Hassan Mohamad Abo Ahmad
Ruba Emad Mahmoud Abu Lail
Sami Bassam Salem Hanania
Soher Saed Yahia Suliman
Sabreen Jamel Ahmad Atia
Salaheldeen Zuher Abdelrahman Balaawe
Abdalrheem Tariq Abdalrheem Sadaqa
Omar Saeed Abdallah Marei
Qasam Maher Kamal Samoudi
Lama Qadri Aziz Abu Baker
Mohammad Abdalrazak Kassem Aliat
Mohammad Mazeen Husien Hamdoon
Mahmoud Hatem Noman Hosheyeh
Mahmood Mohmmad Mahmood Adas
Marah Iyad Tawfiq Alahmad
Myasser Ziad Abd Alazez Metani
Heba Amjad Jameel Shikh ibraheem
Majd Emad Ahmad Jabarin

Hospitals and Health Care Management Specialization

Asma' Mojahed Jamal Saqallah
Ala Rasme Fakhri Jrar
Boran Jawdat Rashed Qasem
Jana Jalal Fayez(Ameen) Samara
Jihad Waleed Mohammed Al-Zer'ei
Doa'a Sameeh Mahmod Abo Jalbosh
Rami Shaker Mohammad Qutairy
Raghad Jawad Mohamad Salahat
Rawan Jamal Mohammad Naser
Shaimaa Mahmood Naief Azz Aldeen
Safa Muhammad Eid Bani Odeh
Abdelrahman Ibrahem Ahmad Owda
Leena Nidal Abedalrahman Kittaneh
Maamoun Hasan Mohamad Bdeir
Malak Samer Suliman Awwadine
Malak Emad Abd Alrahem Bani Odeh
Hiba Awad Ahmad Ardah

Management Information Systems Specialization

Ossama Mohamad Afeef Zakarni
Ahmad Solaiman Yousef Daraghmeh
Ameer Hani Hussin Aboshama'a
Hamzi Mohammed Hamzi Zaid
Hanin Ayman Sood Haj Saleh
Raja'i Khalid Abdallah Eshtaya
Serin Riad Abdul Karim Abul Rub
Sewar Othman Mohamad Estaty
Esam Mahmoud Theeb Mari
Ghazl Assem Abdalrhman Abohamed
Fahed Abed Alfattah Thiab Salim
Qais Adeeb Ibrahim Sadaqa
Mohammad Said Mahmood Al-Hammouz
Yaqoub Abed Al-Mutaleb Hafeth Qaisi


Faculty of Arts

Arabic Language and Media Specialization

Asala Jamal Mohammad Abu Arrah / First student at the Faculty
Ahmad Maher Mohammed Zayed
Arjewan Raed Sabri Obeid Zouabi
Aseel Mohammad Faisal Sammour
Anagheem Nedal Abdulla Zaqzaq
Tasnim Daher Bair Zu'bi
Taimaa Iyad Abdellatef Ibrahim
Raghad Abed ِAl Salaam Ali Ali Tamrawi
Saeed Abed Alhkem Soleman Mhajne
Somaya Moeen Mahmood Qasem
Sondos Ameen Kamel Qabaha
Sewar Salem Hamdan Abu Amer
Seema Sameer Sadeq Zyoud
Shaden Raed Ahmed Fayyad
Shatha Khaled Tayeb Abuhassan
Aber Sofyan Ahmad Kbaha
Oday Mustafa Fares Jaradat
Fadi Nasser Suod Shahwan
Mohmad Abdalhameed Yousef Hamdan
Maram Daas Yaser Thyab
Mariam Mohammad Mostafa Hantash
Mayar Majde Najeeb Hithnawi
Maysam Mohammad Zaki Hamdan

Basic Elementary Education Specialization

Eiman Omer Mohammad Saadi
Jihana Madad Said Ayup
Khalid Mohamd Mahmoud Khabas
Dima Andre Naim Khoury
Ruba Fouad Shaker Daoud
Rabab Abed Alstar kamel Ibraheem
Rola Ramiz Mahmoud Shhiber
Rollen Abd Alnaser Aref Lahlooh
Rayan Mazin Abdalla Sawaid
Zakaria Fadeel Fouad Zakarnh
Zoomorod Osamah Adeeb Alawneh
Sara Nayef Mahmoud Nabhani
Saleem Majdi Saleem Kasbary
Sanad Zeid Yousef Alhaj
Suha Nayef Mahmoud Nabhani
Sawsan Omar Tawfeeq Zoubi
Shoroq Bassam Ahmad Jabarin
Shahd Hazem Abedeljabar Jabar
Safaa Ribhi Hassan Baniodi
Kameelia Marwan Awad Elkaram
Loah Muhammad Ali Fa'Ur
Marah Ahmad Jamal Abu Alhaija
Marah Tarek Yusif Abo Ahmad
Mayar Basem Mahmoud Hamarsheh
Nasreen Hikmat Maaeof Mnaa
Nagham Fared Ahmd Najamy
Hadeel Faiez Reda Thiab
Hadeel Mahmoud Hasan Alkhateeb
Yasmeen Mustafa Sameeh Ghannam
Yasmin Nabil Ahmed Salim
Yaqoot Mahmoud Abd Mhajneh
Yosef Ahmad Yosef Jbareen

English Language Specialization

Ahlam Riad Abd Alkader Handklo
Arab Basim Tawfeq Zakarneh
Israa Khir Aldeen Ahmad Bsharat
Isra Imad Ahmed Humran
Islam Majed Ahmad Egbariya
Asmaa Mahmod Abd Al Jabar Zahalqa
Aseel Maher Mahmoud Alqarem
Aseel Mahmoud Deeb Qudsieyh
Amani Moneer Husain Jaradat
Amal Mohammad Hassan Alkhatib
Amir Rizq Ali Hilo
Basma Ahmad Ramzi Abd El Gani
Basheer Salah Marawah Egbaria
Besan Yousef Ahmad Abu Alrob
Hala Mahmoud Mustafa Hassis
Hanin Salah Aldeen Zayed Jeber
Khaled Ahmad (Mohammad Rezeq) Alduraidi
Khaldun Ahmad Sudqy Alahmed
Ragheb Mustafa Ragheb Najjar
Razan Ahmad Hani Mahamid
Rahaf Khallel Yosef Jarrar
Rahaf Mohammad Waleed Hasaneen
Roaa Reda Tawfiq Herzallah
Roaa Sultan Mahmoud Alkerem
Revana Hassan Mouhamad Mousa
Zahraa Jehad Ahmad Thaher
Zainab Abdelrahman Ali Alawni
Sara Ahmad Naji Abu Alrub
Sarah Amjad Mohamad Alasmar
Sanabl Amer Jodat Shehada
Sondos Asaad Tawfeeq Qub
Sewar Sameer Mahmoud Mubaslat
Shahd Faysl Mohammad Assaf
Shaima Ziad Thiab Abuhasan
Doha Mohammad Mahmood Ekhdoor
Aida Moner Edward Odeh
Kareema Mustafa Kamel Hajah
Lena Ibrahim Tawfeek Younis
Leena Zead Abdelateef Hajeer
Lina Issa Husein Al Khaldi
Magdalen Imil Faris Ghannam
Mohamed Khaled Mbada Abo Smen
Mohammad Riyad Yousef Ghanim
Mohammad Atef Qasem Atatra
Mohammad Adnan Hasan Daraghmeh
Muhammad Emad Eizat Hiadry
Mohamad Ghassan Qasem Ghnayem
Mahmoud Hosni Abdalfatah Mohammed
Madleen Munjed Jamil Sheikh Ibrahim
Maram Abd al Qader Khaleel Attrash
Marah Abdelrahman Tawfiq Khader
Mosabh Lelah Jalal Mahmoud Aljabar
Moath Waleed Hamed Daragmeh
Malak Nashat Mustafa Kashkush
Maha Munir Ali Abu Alfelfel
Mahdi Sameer Eid Faroot
Mirna Sameer Metri Kharouba
Misa Mohammed Nawaf Mahamed
Nadeen Tayseer Rashid Shwahne
Naya Jehad Fatehi Shalbak
Nadeen Galeb Salih Shukry
Noor Aldeen Awni Ibraheem Abu Alrob
Hayal Fayez Ibrahem Attrash
Wael Omar Ali Seh
Ward Naeem Adeib Badran

Diploma In Education For Upper Basic Level Specialization

Eman Hashem Ahmad Sadi
Reem Isam Abed Alawna
Ahd Belal Yousef Abualrob
Mujahed Emad Abdalraheem Abualrob


Faculty of Nursing

Nursing Specialization

Mutasem Shahir Khalid Abualrob / First student at the Faculty
Ibrahim Jafar Sari Morshed
Ibrahim Laith Galal Rsme Igbariya
Ahlam Kaled Mohammad Mahagna
Ahlam Sa'id Muhamad Said Hijazi
Ahlam Mazen Badran Ali
Ahmad Jamal Huseen Dabbah
Ahmad Hamad Ahmad Hamad
Ahmad Khaled Qasem Safouri
Ahmad Sami Mohammed Kaiyal
Ahmad Samir Ahmad Saadi
Ahmad Sharif Ali Zir'Ini
Ahmad Salih Ahmad Abd El Rhman
Ahmad Sabri Hasan Baloum
Ahmad Adnan Jamal Kabha
Ahmad Ali Ibrahim Dalal
Ahmad Ali Hosni Dabbah
Ahmad Ali Saleh Zaid
Ahmad Ghassan Nayef Kabaha
Ahmad Mohammad Saleh Abu Arra
Ahmad Muhammad Ali Hodroj
Ahmad Mohammad Mahmoud Badran
Ahmad Mahmoud Ahmad Jawabreh
Ahmad Marai Ahmad Mahamid
Ahmad Mrwan Abrahem Khlaily
Ahmad Mustafa Younes Ghannam
Ahmad Yassin Ali Mattar
Osama Hossein Mohammad Bani Odeh
Osama Soboh Salih Soboh
Esraa Ahed Faiez Masarwa
Esraa Ali Hasan Hushan
Esraa Mowafak Ibrahim Abu leil
Ismail Sudki Ismail Agbaria
Osaid Moayad Khalil Abo Hamed
Aseel Anwar Mohamed Abu Siam
Asil Mohamed Suliman Abu Aish
Aseel Moeen Mohammed Jorban
Aseel Yosef Mahmod Hindi
Asala Rayiq Hassan Qaraqra
Asala Mahmoud Khalid Ghanayem
Asala Nasre Sleman Fadel
Adwaa Mostafa Yaser Murad
Ekram Mohamd Sleman Hassan
Akram Iyad Ahmad Malaishe
Ala'a Saadeh Salameh Daoud
Alaa Muhammad Saed Khatib
Elham Fathi Fayez Mhameed
Elias Jeries Hanna Maalouf
Elias Radi Anis Said
Elias Yusuf Elias Elias
Omama Yusuf Mohammad Maree
Amjad Soliman Mraweh Mahameed
Amal Hosam Ragheb Jrab
Amal Salih Ahmad Sha'ir
Amal Muhmmad Ahmad Saada
Amir Ibrahim Hasan Ayashi
Ameer Asad Wajeh Mahamed
Ameer Thaer Saleh Jbareen
Ameer Hatem Husein Safiya
Amir Habib Jires Abdalla
Ameer Khaled Hamad Khalaily
Amir Sheshakli Yousief Husein
Amira Zyad Mutlaq Sirhan
Ameen Marwan Salah Ghaben
Anwar Basam Ahmad Bakri
Aiat Fadl Afif Ahmad
Aya Reyad Najib Kassem
Aya Ziyad Mahmud Darawsha
Iman Ibrahim Mohammad Abd El Halim
Eman Mahmod Yousef Kmail
Ayman Abdallah Mohammad Abu Ali
Aya Abed Almonem Mosa Badarne
Aya Foad Qasem Abu Salah
Ihab Ali Said Said Ahmad
Ehab Kamal Ahmad Asla
Adham Nemer Khalil Khateeb
Aseel Ryad Ali Bne Odeh
Omniya Faisal Mahmoud Naser
Ameer Edrees Nimer Abu Alhija
Amir Ayman Hamdan Damaira
Anwar Mustafa Abed Alrahman Abu Taleb
Aisam Hasan Othman Hilu
Aiman Muhammad Radwan Said
Amna Saleem Yosef Amer
Aya Muhamad Ali Masud
Bassl Gamal Said Bawakna
Basil Mahmod Mohammad Shalash
Bassem Ahmad Hosen Igbareya
Baraa Fareed Ahmad El Haj
Baraa Farid Ahmad Bouqai
Baraa Rasmi Abed Alraaof Abu Ras
Bashar Eyad Nor Blawne
Bshara Toni Nabel Khazen
Basher Jalal Mohammed Abo Mokh
Bilal Osman Ahmad Adgim
Baha Raid Salah Kadry
Bhaa Mohmad Helme Awadat Allah
Peya Karam As'ad Hendiya
Bayan Said Mustafa Amin
Bayan Muhammad Abed Elmagid Abu Elhija
Bisan Wajeeh Mohamad Kittany
Tamer Antwane Saleem Kassis
Tamer Khalid Abd Alrahman Odaa
Tagrid Mahmoud Saleh Alsadi
Taqe Khaled Ahmed Aboshah
Tamar Shawkat Asad Saaida
Tamara Adel Turki Ali
Tamam Mohyi Aldin Kamel Saadi
Taer Abd Elkarem Khader Agbaria
Tharwat Serhan Kasem Shalaby
Jaber Fareed Jaber Jaber
Jaser Bassam Saleh Sabbah
Jomana Tawfeeq Mohammad Kmail
Jihad Omiah Muhammad Awawdi
Jawad Raed Ahmad Abu Alrob
Jowana Raef Ahmad Sharif
Hatem Khaled Muhamad Dahli
Husam Hassan Mohammad Bashir
Hasan Jamal Mohammad Bakri
Hasan Zaid Hasan Abu Khalil
Hasan Sharif Hasan Hijazi
Hosni Mohmmad Hosni Alawneh
Husein Samer Husein Sabbah
Husein Najah Husein Alawna
Hikmeye Hashem Abdallah Albzoor
Hala Mohammed Najib Dabbah
Helmi Abed Elrhman Hilmi Agbaria
Hamza Jamal Dyab Maali
Hamza Najib Mustafa Nassar
Hanna Ayoub Saleem Hanna
Hanan Omar Moner Jayyousi
Hanan Faysal Naje Nasasra
Haneen Amir Abdelhalim Barya
Hanin Zed Qassem Qassem
Hanin Lotfee Mohammad Shahin
Hanin Nemer Wahsh Ganaim
Khaled Hassan Mohammad Mahajna
Khaled Abd Almajeed Mohammad Massalha
Khaled Mazin Nimer Safiyeh
Khaled Mohammad Said Asadi
Khaled Morad Khaled Baloum
Khadija Hilmi Salih Zoriki
Khader Nadeem Nae'M Awwad
Dana Adnan Jomah Issa
Domeana Faisal Ghazi Darawsha
Donia Tawfeek Taher Abo leel
Donia Naji Fahmi Yasin
Dyala Nafiz Mahmoud Yacoub
Diana Falah Mohammed Alawneh
Diana Mahmod Mohammad Ghnaem
Dema Ibrahim Ahmad Shalabi
Dema Fathi Ali Shawahneh
Dima Naeel Yosef Abdulhai
Dina Jabr Kamal Dakhlallah
Rami Ahmad Said Amara
Rami Wafiq Ali Abu El Hija
Raia Hasan Mohmad Switat
Rabea Muwafaq Hanna Horany
Rahmeh Muhammad Khaled Aqul
Razan Zeyad Abed Alhamid Shalabe
Rasha Amer Saleh Ahmad
Raneen Osama Mohammad Agbaria
Raneen Mohammad Abd Elrahman Zyod
Riham Zahir Mohammad Jamal
Riham Uthman Jamal Abbud
Riham Omar Jameel Mahajna
Riham Mwfak Ibrahem Shalabe
Rahaf Mohammad Sulaiman Naghnagheya
Rawan Loay Tawfiq Yassin
Rawan Waleed Mahmoud Abu Diba
Raoda Lutfi Ibrahim Taha
Rawaa Yousef Mustafa Ghanayim
Rola Khaled Mohammed Aboali
Rula Zahe Emad Artoul
Rolan Salih Hedaiah Assadi
Rawnd Kaher Mohmad Mahajna
Rawand Mohanad Hasan Hanon
Ronza Abed Alkreem Hassan Ghaben
Roaa Subhi Awad Abu Aziz
Rim Ramiz Essa Amal
Reem Abedelhakeem Abdallah Tarabeih
Reem Muhamed Mahmod Abu Elhija
Rim Mukhlis Abed Abu Ali
Rima Mahmoud Mohammad Hijazi
Reema Nader Ramzi Asadia
Zahra Jamal Ali Mansur
Zahra Adnan Sobhi Bakri
Zahedah Ahmad Saleh Samoor
Zeeneb Akram Salih Ghabin
Zainab Abd El-Salam Mohmmad Naamneh
Sajida Mohammad Hosin Abu Ahmad
Sara Sai'd Mohammad Fuqra
Sara Ali Hoseen Jbaren
Sally Isam Ebrahim Qadry
Sally Ali Jamil Said Ahmad
Sameh Kamal Saeed Ghannam
Saher Jabber Saleh Asadi
Saher Ziyad Kamal Heidar
Sahar Taufiq Husein Haj
Salam Arafat Akram Khamaisi
Salsabeel Khaled Hasan Al-Bzoor
Salma Saleh Mustafa Agbaria
Samah Amin Issa Nujeidat
Samah Saleh Deeb Zarura
Samah Mohammad Majid Abo Alrob
Sehrab Ahmad Mohammed Kabha
Siwar Rajab Ahmad Haj
Sewar Saeed Khalil Drawshe
Siwar Awad Tawfiq Abu Ahmad Wawi
Siwar Nemr Rashid Ghanayim
Sawsan Ghazi Ahmad Omar
Shaden Ibraheem Abdallah Agha
Shaden Mohammad Hasan Dabbah
Sham Mohammad Ahmed Ali
Shada Roshdi Mohamed Raad
Shatha Abed Alqader Yousef Jare
Shorok Hasan Mahmoud Omar
Shorok Abd Elaziz Abd Elsalam Ali
Shahd Iyad Mahmoud Omari
Shereen Nasri Mansour Mansour
Shaymaa Khalid Ibrahim Amer
Saleh Amen Saleh Saleh
Safa Bsam Awd Khalaily
Safa Mostafa Mohamad Hilf
Salah Aldin Sami Ahmad Almasalma
Sohib Ahmad Ahmad Baddad
Tareq Jalal Mari' Badarne
Tarek Shadad Ahmed Abo Foul
Talha Yaser Mahmoud Khamaiseh
Adel Mohammad Ali Asadi
Aisha Bassam Husein Mussa
Abd Elhakeem Mahmud Asad Jabarin
Abed Al-Rahman Sa'ed Abed Al-Rahman Khalelea
Abdalla Sayel Abdalla Turkman
Abdallah Abdalhalem "Mohamad Zaky" Houssen
Abdallah Mahmud Abed Elhasan Mahajna
Abdu Anwar Kheir Amun
Odai (Ahmad Ali) Fathi Jabarin
Odai Dawud Mohammad Jabarin
Adi Salem Farhan Khaldi
Afif Muhamad Afif Awiss
Ala Hasan Ahmad Jabarin
Alaa Muhmmad Ahmad Shikh Ahmad
Ali Ramzi Ali Jaber
Ali Lutfi Jamal Said Ahmad
Ale Moneer Mahmoud Odeh
Ali Mohanad "Mohammad Fehme" Yasen
Ali Walid Ibrahem Haical
Ammar Mahmoud Jamil Awawdi
Omar Ra'Fat Omar Sa'Adeh
Omer Mohammad Khaled Abu Liel
Esa Abed Alkader Esa Shamia
Issa Adnan Yousif Shaer
Essa Mansour Majeed Daibes
Garam Muhamad Saied Towfeeq Mahamid
Ghazaleh Nawaf Ahamd Bushnak
Ghassan Hisham Elias Haddad
Fadi Adnan Ebrahem Hamam
Fidaa Mohammad Ahmad Ali
Fadwa Sadeq Ahmad Garbuni
Fernas Nahi Saeed Mussa
Qassem Mahmoud Ahmad Badran
Karam Belal Abdullatif Shukri
Karam Robean Salih Arkia
Kristen Hamad Mohammad Musa
Lana Hosain Husni Omar
Lojeen Ahdi Mohammad Abo Esa
Lana Said Ibrahim Sarsour
Loai Marwan Sobhi Alawneh
Lyan Adnan Mohammed Bakri
Leen Abedalkader Rasheed Haj Yahya
Lina Sobhe Salim Hanna
Maher Wael Fawzi Zoabi
Maia Muneer Abd_Alrhman Musa
Majd Ibrahim Kamel Salih
Majd Bassem Muhammad Kadoura
Majd Rasem Mahmod Zabad
Magdoolen Khaled Waleed Safadi
Majdoleen Shakeb Hatem Sakran
Mohammad Ahmad Taofek Abedelhalim
Muhammad Jamil Taufiq Habib Allah
Mohammad Hossam Nasser Omar
Mohammad Hassan Khalil Khalaila
Mohamad Khaled Rashed Khateeb
Mohamed Raif Subhi Abo Salih
Mohammad Rebhe Sobhe Asle
Mohammad Salih Mahmoud Abu Kheit
Mohammad Abd Algani Ali Badran
Mohammad Abd Al-Hadi Mohammad Kittaneh
Mohammad Abedalrhman Salih Hamaisa
Mohammad Abdallah Mohammad Ghazaleen
Mohammad Adnan Ahmad Hijazi
Mohammad Attala Mohammad Igbariye
Muhammad Omar Mohammad Shhadeh
Mohammad Fakhre Eid Fakhre Abu-Rmeliah
Mohammad Kamal Mohammad Shadafna
Mohammad Mahmoud Saleh Abu Alzeit
Mohamed Mhmod Mohamed Seddiq
Mohammed Murad Abdullatif Khalil
Mohmmad Mansour Arabi Daragmeh
Mohammad Mwafak Mustafa Taha
Mohamed Nashat Akel Khatib
Mohammad Nezam Mohammad Yasin
Mohammad Waleed Morad Jawabra
Mahmoud Hussein Ali Adawi
Mahmoud Abd Elkareem Asad Gabarin
Mahmoud Mohamad Tawfiq Abo Shikha
Mahmoud Muhammad Salih Badran
Mahmoud Mohammad Mahmoud Waked
Maram Hani Mohammed Abd Elqader
Marah Ibrahim Nemr Qablawi
Marah Iyad Qassem Ali
Marah Jamal Shafeq Miari
Marah Salem Said Adawi
marah said Ali murad
Marcel Husein Ahmad Khatib
Marwan Asaad Mahmoud Hamdoni
Marwa Adnan Ahmad Ghanayeim
Mariana Salah Said Zamel
Mariana Raed Sabri Obied Zoabi
Mariana Abd Elhakim Suleiman Igzail
Mariam Tawfiq Jeries Rashed
Mariam Rami Mousa Ghantos
Mustafa Twfik Marae Kadah
Mostafa Muhammad Amin Mostafa Khalde
Moaad Attallah Nayef Odttallah
Moad Ali Emad Awawde
Malak Mohmed Mahmoud Abo Wasel
Malak Mustafa Mohammed Habiballah
Manar Samer Hasan Sbeihat
Manar Omar Hasan Shalaata
Manal Jamal Ibrahim Yaseen
Manal Moslah Yousef Badarne
Monder Raaof Srwat Higaze
Monya Mu'in Suleiman Omar
Maha Abdalraof Fayez Shayeb
Mahdi Ali Nayef Jabarin
Musa Gamal Musa Laham
Moamen Farg Mohamad Sarhan
May Said Ahmad Odetallah
May Adnan Hassan Hanon
Mais Jamal Mahmoud Shalabny
Maisaa Khaled Mohammad Gharaba
Maisa Nader Jameel Abu Much
Milia Kamil Ali Abu Samra
Memas Kaher Mahmod Iraqi
Nader Omar Ali Gumah
Nadira Mohammad Qassem Abu El Hija
Nadia Taisir Mohammad Mahajna
Nadeen Maher Naser Musallam
Nareman Fahim Mohammad Asla
Naser Mohammed Hosien Nama
Nafea Ihab Nafea Khatib
Naael Khaled Mohammad Taha
Nglaa Sabre Hasn Khlel
Narmin Salim Ahmad Igbaria
Nisreen Khaled Mohammed Ateeq
Nasreen Fawzu Mahmoud Alsholee
Nashwa Jawdat Mostafa Darawsha
Nidal Ezat Mostafa Ezaldeen
Noor Amjad Abdallah Ahmad Jaradat
Noor Mohamed Hosne Azab
Noran Nazeh Awwad Awwad
Nawras Adnan Ahmad Ghanayim
Nayroz Yosef Othman Mahamid
Neven Abed El-Rahman Jamal Sharkas
Hany Sabeh Ahmad Omar
Heba Adnan Sameer Shrari
Heba Noaman Ibrahim Khalaileh
Hiba Ibrahim Tawfiq Jabarin
Huda Umar Husein Ghanayim
Huda Mohammad Ali Shalabi
Hadil Hassan Rashid Abu Raiya
Hazar Omar Abdalraheem Haj Yahya
Hala Bassam Said Ballas
Hanady Samer Mansour Mansour
Haya Husam Saed Haj
Haia Abed Elrahman Suliman Mahagna
Haitam Jamal Abdelsalam Kaiyal
Haytham Abed Alfatah Mohammad Marzook
Haitham Abdullah Sharif Makhoul
Wijdan Mohammed Masood Bsoul
Ward Mohammed Ahmad Jabareen
Worod Loay Waleed Al Boom
Wesam Kamal Murshd Deba
Wisam Majd Yehya Darawsha
Waseem Hassan Fathe Zainah
Waseem Nabeel Ahmad Shmale
Waseem Yaser Ahmad Hrezat
Waad Saud Husein Naim
Wafa Tiyseer Mostafa Abu Lebdeh
Wafaa Hassan Khaled Abu Leil
Walaa Sabih Ahmad Diab
Wiam Ibrahim Kamel Salih
Yara Adel Fawaz Eleme
Yasmin Khald Khames Said
Yosef Raid Yosef Ghanayim
Yousef Shehade Abdallah Abo Saleh
Yousef Mahmud Yousef Mahamed
Ahmad Ali Ahmad Nassar
Eman Amjad Rasheed Hourani
Basel Jamal Rafea Abu Elasal
Basel Waleed Kamel Bokai
Balsam Sameer Mohammed Odeh
Tasbeeh Abd Alrahman Nooh Mugerme
Taima Abed-Alkrem Hassan Ghaben
Jmeleh Salih Ahmad Nassar
Hossam Rajeh Yousef Hassan
Hosam Mohamd Kasem Basher
Hala Muhamad Awad Zubidat
Hamza Samir Hosny Abu Elhija
Hanan Raed Saeed Suliman
Kholud Muhammad Abdel Kareem Abu Amar
dalia hatem yosef lahwani
Douaa Fadel Khader Zaroora
Ruba Muhamad Awad Halaj
Rawad Yousef Raja Khier
Rawan Jamal Mohamad Abdo
Saja Ghaleb Hamdan Hamarsha
Serag Naem Naeif Abualhof
Shada Fuad Nayef Abu El Hija
Shefaa Fared Ahmad Bouqai
Shaima Yosef Hani Kabha
Abduallah Yousef Mustafa Baniode
Abeer Salamh Suliman Abu Abid
ِAmmar Mohamed Noor Athamleh
Ghadeer Emad Tawfeeq Yehia
Gufran Afif Said Mahroum
Feras Hafez Mohamed Hamad
Lena Abd Ael Fath Mahmod Abo Fane
Maria Hane Emad Artoul
Magd Mohamad Tawfek Abbud
Mohammad Jalal Kamel Aga
Mohamed Husein Mohamed Shawahna
Mohmad Majed Mohammad Abu Moch
Mariam Mahmoud Abed Alhafed Saideh
Mohanad Yunes Mohammad Ashqar
Nariman Ahmad Hassan Battah
Najwan Ali Otman Jabali
Naghm Mohammad Yousef Safiya
Nurhan Amir Mohammad Hijazi
Norhan Qais Mustafa Beklezi
Heba Mohammad Salameh Alnasser
Hadil Gazi Issa Nasra
Haya Foad Fawzi Elgazi
Wael Talat Ahmad Shehada
Wasim Salih Mohammad Ghanayim
Yara Salah Ayoob Heib
Yara Omar Ahmad Knaanih
Yasmine Sameer Jamil Safori
Yousef Tyseer Kamel Kadah
Yousef Mohammed Hamad Ghanayim
Yunes Adel Saed Abolel
Younis Omer Abdallah Jebareen
Ammar Mahmoud Jamil Awawdi


Faculty of Law

Fiqh and Law Specialization

Suzan Mazen Mashhor Abu Arra / First student at the Faculty
Ahmad Sofian Khairy Atamna
Ahmad Mamon Saleem Hawashin
Asmaa Mohammad Naji Abahri
Aseel Mohammad Rageb Al-Soghair
Omnya Ahmad Hassan Abualrob
Ansam Hosny Mahmoud Zeidat
Anas Ahmed Mohammad Masarwah
Jawad Abdel Hakeem Mohammad Masalmeh
Hala Hesham Mohammad Abu Libdeh
Hanan Isam Waleed Alsaed
Horeieh Saleh Mohamad Sanaallah
Kherea Kamil Ali Swetat
Donia Belal "Mohammad Said" Abu Khalil
Diana Fakhri Mofdi Sawafta
Rajaee Mohamed Ali Alali
Rodana Osama Kamel Samoude
Rasha Mohammed Yosef Albzour
Sara Abed-Alhameed Yousef Hamdan
Samiyah Mohamad Mbda Abu Seifien
Sojood Mustafa Yousef Alhaj
Saja Abdulfattah Sabri Shamali
Sahar Reyad Jumaa Idlakh
Suha Khalil Mohammad Assi
Shimaa Srour Rasheed Jabareen
Dorgham Jihad Sadeq Bani Hasan
Tariq Karam Khaled Al_Abbadi
Obada Yuns Mahmamd Tahaine
Abdalrahman Ali Yousef Faraj-allah
Alaa Saif Ahmad Sharqia
Ala'eldeen Ahmad Hilme Arda
Omar Mohammad Hasan Sbaihat
Fadi Wasfi Fahid Hijazi
Layaa Ahmad (Mohmmad Nadi) Shalbak
Lenda Zaher Sharif Jamous
Mohammad Khalel Hasan Stete
Mohammad Mahmoud Ahmed Qtheli
Mahmoud Borhan Mohammad Alomari
Maram ٌRiad Jameel Abu Obaid
Mosleh Hamad Yusef Alhag
Negad Mohammad Salem Shreem
Nehad Mohand Mohammad Altobaje
Nahawand Ayman Ghaleb Saba'na
Noor Mohammed Ismael Abu Alrob
Watan Yousef Ahmad Rayhan

Law Specialization

Atheer Adnan Musa Zeadeh
Ahmad Ahmad Mahmoud Atatreh
Ahmad Haseein Ahmad Badawiea
Ahmad Khalid Arif Jabarin
Ahmad Mohamad Hosain Abutabeekh
Ahmad Najih Rajih Abuhassan
Israa Iyad Sleeman Khalaf
Asalh Afef Kamil Hebe
Alaa Yahya Hussein Daraghmeh
Aya Omar Mostafa Khalil
Ehab Saleh Muhammad Bsharat
Aseel Arab Tawfeeq Zakarni
Ameer Emad Hasan Abu Arra
Aysar Majde Sharef Makhoul
Tayseer Imad (Mohammad Taisir) Abu Hantash
Thaer Ameen Ali Tohl
Jehan Ahmad Mohammad Hamada
Hassan Habes Rasmi Yaseen
Hassan Allam Hassan Rabaya
Hassan Ali Khyre Samara
Halla Tariq Mohammad Al-Haj
Haneen Khaled Ibrahim Ateeq
Khaled Basel Mohammed Albzoor
Rashed Nedal Rasheed "Ali Ahmad"
Rami Nassir Ali Samoudi
Roba Jamal Mohammad Zakarneh
Ruba Saeed Methkal Hassan
Rabee Bilal Morshed Morshed
Rahma Muayyad Anees Ayasa
Rasmiya Bilal Mohammad Abu Alrob
Rasha Imad Mohammed Alqaisi
Reda Yousef Mahmood Gorbeh
Raghad Azmi Rateb Abu Hasan
Raneen Gazi Mahmoud Aqhash
Raneen Fathi Mohammed Ghanem
Ru'a Tahseen Mohammad Abu Tabekh
Ro'a Mohammad Saeed Sammoudi
Roaa Mahmoud Saber Atrash
Reyad Ahmad Tawfeq Maree
Zaid Najeb Tawfeq Ahmad
Saly Essam Fawzi Abbadi
Sam Osama Sam Daama
Saed Khalil Jamal Ayase
Soud Mohamed Soud Hamo
Salsabeel Rebhi Mahmoud Khalilia
Sama Mohammad Ibrahem Nasra
Samar Mamoon Mohammad Dawas
Sohad Mazin Izzat Ghannam
Suha Jamal Burhan Jaradat
Shaker Esam Shaker Soudah
Shurooq Hamzeh Abd Alrahim Daraghmeh
Sadek Monjed Sadek Yasseen
Saleh Mohammad Abdullah Infiat
Salah Alden Ghassan Hamed Daraghmeh
Sohaib Abd Al-Basit Salim Jabir
Diyaa Sammer Rade Soqy
Tariq Ayman Ismail Abu Serais
Tareq Yousuf Abdalkareem Hamdoni
Talal Ibraheem Ahmad Daraghmah
Adel Mofeed Mahmood Ayash
Amer Ahed Abdilkarim Faour
Abd Alhakem Walied Abdalfatah Hirz Allah
Abdalrahman Waled Hamid Daraghmih
Abdullah "Mohammad Zeed" Abdulqader Tarapiah
Obaida Salah Aldeen Khaleel Hoji
Alaa Aldin Mahammad Ibrahim Darraj
Imad Bassam Wajeh Hammad
Emad Hosam Abed Ateeq
Ammar Ahmad Abd Alazez Yousef
Omar Amjad Khaled Amer
Omar Abed Alkareem Mohammad Abu Rabeaa
Amr Esam Baker Abu Farha
Ameed Mohammad Wajeeh Khalil
Gada Muhammad Na'ma Omar
Fateh Rasheed Raja Atrash
Fatima Salem Ata Maali
Qasim Jamal Mueen Bajawi
Qosay Jalal Abd Allatif Anzawi
Qusay Abd Elhakeem Abd Elraheem Melhem
Lama Jeryes Nabeeh Isayed
Layaly Ahmad Anas Massad
Leen Nawaf Nayef Sawafta
Majeda Farouq Fuad Nazzal
Ma'moun Taher Mohammed Samarah
Majduleen Eyad Mohammad Albzour
Mohsen Khalil Saeed Yaseen
Mohamed Ashrf Fayez Bzoor
Mohammad Eyad Kamel Ghannam
Mohammad Basel Shehadeh Awakma
Mohammad Bassam Moen Bajawie
Mohmmad Tyssyr Ali Hanayshe
Mohammed Japer Mohammed Housheya
Mohammed Said Ragheb Zaytoon
Mohammad Ghlib Fouad Abu Baker
Mohammad Fawaz Raja Waked
Mohamed Lamee Mahmoud Khamaise
Mahmoud Fathi Ibraheem Yaseen
Martina Mohammad Hussein Abed
Mosab Husam Mahmoud Alali
Moad Mustafa Mohammad Badran
Montaha Mahmoud Mostafa Rabaya
Minas Salim Mohammad Zeid Alkilani
Nedaa Ahmad Zakariya Kmail
Naddeya Hani Hasan Mohammad
Nehaya Esam Abad Allah Mzied
Noor Ziyad Saleem Hawasheen
Noor Mamoun Ahmad Iblan
Hadeel Mohammad Tawfiq Iqteet
Hazar Rashid Rashed Abu Alhaijaa
Hammam Ahmad Hussin Madee
Warda Fawzi Najeeb Saifee
Yara Jawad Durgam Khatib
Yara Mohmamad Omran Barbary
Yasmeen "Thseen Mohseen" Abrahem Daraghmeh
Yasmin Mohammed Hussien Alamer
Yathrib Kamal Mohmmad Abu Srour
Yahya Zakariya Abdullah Salem
Yazan Ahmad Abd-Allateef Hamamre
Yousef Husam Abdallah Mazyed


Faculty of Sciences

Mathematics and Statistics Specialization 

Eman Hashem Ahmad Sadi / First student at the Faculty
Azhar Nader Mostafa Zyoud
Amal Reyad Mohmmed Rabayha
Rami Mohammad Mahmoud Talib
Reham Talal Abdallah Mahasen
Roa Moneer Mohammad Abo Salah
Salwa Mahmoud Fathi Fashafsha
Madlen Nemir Mostafa Sawafta​

Biology and Biotechnology Specialization 

Baraa Ayman Fouad Sbaihat
Bushra Mahmoud Raji Assaf
Renad Naeem Saeed Alahmad
Reham Mohammad Ahmad Sabaneh
Sana' Yousef Mohammad Ikhzamia
Lina Maher Younes Massad
Heba Rasheed Sobhe Jbareen

Physics Specialization 

Ibtihal Bassim Nazem Abo Alrub
Ammal Enad Roshde Sawafta
Azhar Imad Mahmoud Rabae'a
Janan Mohammad Hussein Jumaa
Doaa Mahmoud Mohammad Atatra
Omar Ahmad Hussein Abd-Alghafoor
Lara Omar Abd Alqader Abu Samen
Lena Sofyan Mostafa Refa'e
Mayamen Ibraheem Saeed Abu Altayeb
Noor Mohammad Mostafa Sawalmeh
Wala Sameer Mohmad Ghannam

Chemistry Specialization 

Ala Wajeeh Hassan Zayed
Aseel Osama Ahmad Qasarwi
Tasnim Abedalelah Hussein Jaradat
Tahane Fadeel Daher Yaseen
Hanan Mohammad Hussein Jumaa
Haneen Bilal Yousef Abu Alrob
Dana Mohanna Ahmad Sharafe
Ruba Ahmad Anees Sawaftah
Raheeq Jamal Mhammad Fayed
Mohammad Marwan Rasheed Hoshan
Noor Raed Mahmod Noairat


Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

Medical Laboratory Sciences Specialization 

Ikram Yousef Abdalrahman Alsheikh Qasem / First student at the Faculty
Athar Mohammad Khaled Hanaysheh
Orjowan Ayman Fathi Abu Atiyah
Orjowan Mohamad Faris Freihaat
Areej Saber Ahmed Alem
Azhar Abed Elwahab Ibrahim Taha
Asma Basem Fawzi Alhaj
Asma Yaser Ahmad Sarsour
Esnad Jawdat Faris Abu Gali
Aseel Ahmed Mohammed Dawoud
Amani Muhmmad Ahmad Wadi
Anas Yousef Awad Neirat
Anwar Nidal Radi Alsayyed
Eman Yosef Khalil Alikily
Enas Ahmad Issa Amouri
Areej Mohammed Saleh Abu Ayash
Aseel Bashar Ibraheem Qodaih
Aya Salah Fared Abu Salah
Batool Adli Shafi Yasin
Baraa Nehad Fathi Barham
Burak Maher Mahmoud Hilali
Bilal Hassan Isa Froukh
Tamara Nayef Abd Allah Rabaya
Jouman Fouad Yousef Basyouni
Jumana Masuod Abdallah Zakarnah
Jood Ibrahim Mahmoud Bsharat
Hala Iz Aldin Mohammad Alrozzi
Haneen Ibraheem Fawzi Abu Arra
Haneen Sameer Adeeb Fqees
Haiat Rafat Fawzi Zaiet
Du'aa Murad Awad Abusahliah
Donia Shawqi Mohammad (Hamdan Alabdalla)
Diana Ghanem Adnan Abu Arra
Deema Monder Farid Abu Samra
Rahme Ali Yosef Abo Sofyan
Raghd Abd El Rahman
Rana Bilal Majed Khatib
Renad Raed Mahmoud Hoshia
Raneen Zeyad Ali Ghannam
Rawnak Monem Orabe Essa
Reem Belal Fawzi Alhaj
Reem Mohamed Tofeq Abo Nassi
Reema Ziyad Ahmad Abdelazeez
Raynaa Ezaat Hamed Abu Hassan
Zain Mohammad Faeq Abdulraheem
Sally Saher Zaki Alsadi
Sujud Shaban Diab Hamadia
Sujood Nathem Soliman Mohammad
Samah Mohammad Ahmad Bsharat
Siwar Falah Fayez Zakarneh
Sima Ahmad Kamal Abu Zeineh
Shefaa Ahmad Husni Malaysheh
Saleh Basem Saleh Manasra
Safa Aied Atiya Amer
Abdallah Mohammad Faraj Zakarneh
Areen Mohammad Saeed Shawahna
Ali Ziad Ali Jalaitah
Euin Baher Raji Haj
Ghada Jawad Adnan Amara
Ghadeer Marwan (Mohammad Saeed) Hamdi
Faten Yousef Mahmod Jarar
Fayez Mahmoud Fayez ِAbu ِAmer
Fayez Yousef Shaher Mahmoud
Feras Frhan Ali Zed Alkilani
Kareem Loay Ahmad Yahya
Lana Zaid Roshdi Hanani
Latefa Khaldon Ahmad Alsawafta
Leen Moayd (Daood Mitab) Tahayneh
Leena Ahmad Hasan Abu Attiyeh
Leena Mohamad Ahmad Othman
Leenda Eisa Yousef Abu Naser
Majdal Azzam Izzat Abu Alrub
Majdi Abdallah Sabri Bsharat
Mohammad Ahmad Khaled Swaitat
Mohammed Issa Ibrahim Islemeh
Mohammad Mahmoud Taher Tahayna
Maram Emad Mohamad Daraghmeh
Morjan Abdel Malik Ghalib Zyoud
Marah Majed Mahmod Abuhasan
Marah Nafez Ameen Eter
Maryam Yahya Ali Aldayeh
Manar Mohammad Ahmad Agbariya
Manar Waleed Ahmed Maali
Mohanad Jihad Ahmad masalma
Maysana Ziad (Mustafa Mohammad) Natour
Nadeen Rabee' (Mohammed Rami) Al Bool
Nasrin Yosef Hamadeh Salah
Nea'mah Saeed Methkal Hassan
Hanaa Ziad Hassan Wani
Yara Osama Foze Hafi
Yosef Tahseen Ali Omaryeh

Medical Imaging Specialization 

Ather Abed Alhade Ragb Omar
Ahlam Mansur Shtewe Abu Srehan
Ahmad Emad Ali Zoabi
Ahmad Muhmmad Saleem Shehadeh
Adian Adal Ali Abu Jaber
Arkan Muhmed Ouda Abu Kashef
Asmaa Sabri Yosef Masarwi
Asala Ahmad Mustafa Ziadna
Asala Zahi Said Asla
Alaa Omar Sliman Abd Elnabi
Alaa Nasar Abd Alrahem Abu Zaid
Amjad Nbeel Hamdan Sultan
Ameer Awad Hodhod
Ameer Moed Mndob Kabha
Amir Wosfei Abd Al-Rahem Khatib
Ayat Omar Afeef Alarda
Eman Amin Diab Shaker
Eman Mohammed Mohiy Ali
Anas Hisham Juma'ah Dibs
Basel Jamal Mahmoud Nakhlah
Baraa Sami Abdalla El Afawi
Braah Kamel Abed Khateeb
Bilal Ibrahem Mohammad Shalaata
Tahani Ribhi Abdallah Salameh
Johayna Gabi Saman Azzam
George Hekmat Labeb Musa
Hatem Saif Hatem Jbaly
Hosne Atef Hosne Khateb
Hamzah Sameeh Abd El-Qader Abu Hilail
Hanna Waleed Hanna Arraf
Hannan Mahmud Mohammad Salama
Dyala Aleef Mohamed Bader
Roqya Awad Mohammad Abu Alrub
Ramzi Rassem Rashed Jubeh
Rana Ahmad Mohamed Saed Mahamed
Rayan Faraj Saaid Zaaroura
Reem Naser Tawfeek Khatib
Sara Muhammad Awad Odeh
Sujood Ahmad Hani Kabha
Sojood Omar Fahed Zoabi
Saraa Shauki Mohammad Nassar
Sondos Khaled Fayez Rabay'a
Shada Muhammad Mustafa Hilu
Shoroq Faek Yacoub Abdel Rahman
Shaima Yaser Ahmad Sarsour
Safa Fahid Saleh Rashid
Doha Naji Fahmi Yasin
Amar Sleiman Hassan Elamour
Aishy Adnan Torky Ali
Abdallah Mo'ayad Mostafa Kmail
Abir Riad Nashaat Karaman
Abeer Solayman Ali Ramadan
Alaa Yhia Wajih Osman
Ghadir Walid Mustafa Khutaba
Ghuson Husam Adel Edress
Fedaa Rajeh Yousef Hassan
Farah Abd Alnaser Yousef Hanana
Fawziah Fawaz Ali Hawaitah
Faisal Raed Yousef Sobuh
Kamila Jawad Rasheed Saadeh
Krawan Ahmad Said Krayim
Lama Ahmad Hamed Khatib
Majd Khadir Ibrahim Abu Salameh
Mohammad Asad Deeb Hejazi
Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Hamdi
Mohammad Jawdat Mostafa Nayroukh
Mohammad Tareq Ibrahim Abualhasan
Mohamad Abd Alhakem Moqbail Ganem
Mohammad Abed Al-Salam Mohammad Abu Arah
Mohammed Abdelmenem Ahmad Daraghma
Mohammad Yassir Suliman Baniodeh
Mahmoud Samer Mahmoud Nfafaa
Mahmod Nezar Mahmoud Jamal
Murad Marwan Husni Odeh
Maram Muhammed Ali Khatib
Maryam Mazin Salamah Zubeidat
Mona Tawfek Ahmad Hussein
Maha Husam Hassan Hoshya
Maiyasa Mohammad Mustafa Mustafa
Nadin Aswan Malek Jbara
Nabil Ahmed Orsan Morad
Najiya Hani Khaled Kmail
Nida Ziad Ahmad Khatib
Naser Mashhour Hamdan Damiri
Nour Zahy Issa Abu Aqel
Noor Saleh Tauwfiq Jawabri
Nailam Mohamd Ahmad Jabarin
Hade Rbhe Sobhe Asle
Hoda Ahmad Rafea Ashraf
Huda Khalil Suleiman Abu Shakra
Haya Zakarya Mahmood Shaheen
Wseem Omar Mohumed Hussein
Walaa Zohair Ahmad Haj Ibrahim
Yasmin Omar Mohammad Zoubi
Yazan Harbi Hassan Draghmeh
Yazan Saad Saleh Bani Theeb
Yazan Fauze Adel Abo Eid

Physio-Therapy Specialization 

Ibrahim Ismail Mohammad Algoabra
Arwa Abd al latif Eid Eid
Esraa Jamal Mohamad Sayed
Aseel Zoher Ahmad Rass
Assil Odi Mohammad Masarwa
Amna Hussen Khames Darawsha
Iman Bader Yousef Zaid
Eman Zaher Talaat Yasin
Ayah Mohammed Ahmed Herzallah
Arij Zoher Ahmed Dafrawy
Areej Fayeq Yacoub Abdallarhman
Aya Salim Morshed Asla
Bara' Mohammed Ateyah Qar'awi
Beesan Khaled Mohammed Sabaneh
Bessan Adnan Abdalraaof Abdullah
Tamar Muhamad Awad Zubidat
Jenna Adnan Ibrahim Awwad
Jwan Hany Mohamad Onalla
Hamza Gomaa Hasan Iben Saeed
Khaled Ali Ibrahim Badarne
Dayana Amin Mohammad Khalaila
Deba Abd Eljaleel Yousef Amer
Rania Taher Ahmad Khatib
Roba Emaad Gber Abo Hatab
Raghad Zaher Atif Bsoul
Rolla Abd Elmuti Mohammad Elmatboli
Rana Abedulftah Ahmad Hosein
Rose Muhammad Shehada Khatib
Zina Mansour Abdalkader Mansour
ٍٍSahar Ghaze Abdallah Ghader
Siraj Abd El Baset Salih Massarwa
Sawsan Yaser Atyah Qarawi
Shada Fuad Hasan Tawil
Shahbaa Abd-ُElmunam Fathi Abu-Leil
Sbren Abd Alnasser Hassan Abu Shikh
safa afif mahmud issa
Abd El Elkarim Wail Abd El Kareem Haj Yahya
Qamar Qassem Hamad Shahin
Karam Asad Hasan Jumaa
Karam Mohammad Hussien Hallahla
Lika Abd El Rahim Ibrahim Jbaly
Majdolin Jamal Ibrahim Abu Dbai
Muhammad Taher Ali Massarwa
Mohammad Abd Ahmad Khatib
Mohammad Azmi Saeed Ali Saleh
Mohammad Yosef Omar Zaiton
Maram Abd Elmoate Ali Alabed
Marcel Omar Abd El-Baki Jabali
Muna Mahmoud (Mohammed Ali) Rabayaah
Mayada Musa Ahmad Amara
Mais Mohamed Saleh Natour
Norhan Mahmoud Fanash Kabiya
Hames ٌRaafat Abdel Moneam Abu Ismail
Hadel Azez Ahmed Amara
Hla Nassem Ahmad Rass
Haya Hmede Mohamad Mahmoud
Hia Muneer Ahmad Magadla
Hia Nader Mahmoud Mulhem
Waseem Mahmood Huseen Abd-El Rahim
Waqas Qutaybah Tawfiq Bani Odeh
Yara Muhammad Ibrahim Mahamid
Yosor Azam Subhi Abo Hantash

Occupational Therapy Specialization 

Ibrahem Ahmad Said Saeyd Ahmad
Ahlam Ali Fayyad Tatour
Ahlam Maher Subhe Othman
Ahlam Mohammad Asaad Taha
Ahmad Said Muhammad Abu Ras
Ahmad Omar Mohamad Shalabna
Adib Karim Adib Taktak
Arwa Hazem Fuad Jamama'a
Areej Ali Taher Amara
Arin Essam Mohamad Assi
Esra' Odeh Mohammad Ammouri
Esraa Muhammed Ibrahim Kiwan
Aseel Munir Ibrahim Khalaila
Ashwaq Shawki Ibrahim Sharkawi
Asalh Antar Hosni Abu Assad
Asala Waleed Mohammad Abu Nasra
Asala Ibrahim Salih Essa
Asala Zaher Mahmoud Nassar
Eleen Yosef Ibrahem Mahagna
Amal Fuad Mohammad Abu Melhem
Amal Hani Husein Khili Sa'ida
Amali Salah Mahmoud Gaban
Amwaj Ahmad Qassem Manaa
Amir Saad Mohamad Azem
Ansam Mofak Ali Helow
Anwar Ihsan Ibrahim Baransi
Anwar Azzam Tofek Zoubi
Anwar Mousa Ali Nujeidat
ِAyat Atef Abd Alslamّ Abu Ras
Ebaa Salh Ali Jazara
Ayea Ziad Aref Jabareen
Aia Mosbah Hasan Kashua
Iman Majed Taleb Isawi
Iman Hashim Yousef Abo Hamd
Inas Said Tawfiq Abu Sharif
Aya Khaled Faisl Younis
Aia Abed Alhay Saleaman Agbaria
Ehab Adnan Tourky Ali
Basel Rafa' Ahmad Sawayed
Buthaina Essa Ali Dahli
Baraa Ghassan Naaem Darawsha
Braah Abed El Rahman Yehya Diab
Burak Muaiyad Jamal Jabaly
Bayan Mohammad Husein Hosh
Tasneem Jamil Hassan Masarwa
Tamar Samih Khalil Smediye
Jamal Faroq Mahmoud Watad
Jinan Fahem Saed Abo Ahmad
Jowana Omer Mohamad Naser
Jwana Edward George Mansour
Hasan Muhamad Hasan Haj Yahia
Hasan Mahmoud Hasan Shaheen
Hala Adnan Abrahim Khalaila
Hala Imad Ali Ahmad
Haneen Mohammad Hamad Sawaed
Hayat Fathi Sleman Qarawi
Khadeja Abed Alanaser Nayif Habib Allah
Khadijeh Muhammad Ali Ghraba
Khezaran Hasan Ali Awawdi
Doaa Ahmad Asaad Akel
Doaa Mohammad Lotfe Igbaria
Damuana Shukri Saleem Artoul
Dolin Hasan Mustafa Mahamid
Diana Kaher Abu Yunis
Dima Ganem Rafiq Agbareia
Dima Nazih Mustafa Khutaba
Rafat Raed Daoud Farrah
Ruba Omar Ali Taha
Ruba Haytham Fawaz Taha
Rabab Raslan Mohammad Tarabi
Rashid Ashraf Rashid Omar
Raghad Taiser Mohammad Hassan
Rula Monder Mahmoud Majdub
Rana Isam Hosni Mubarki
Ranen Ahmad Mohammad Shalabny
Ranin Nidal Yousef Kortam
Riwa Tayseer Mahmoud Jabarin
Rawan Jamal Saleh Dahamsha
Rawan Ali Jamal Abbud
Rawan Fuad Awad Abu Raiya
Roa Assad Abed Taha
Roaia Awne Abed Eljbar Sharkia
Roaya Saeed Omer Taha
Raian Salem Ahmad Abu Salem
Reem Ibrahem Nemer Ghanaiem
Reem Sami Mahmod Abo Saleh
Reem Mahrus Ahmad Shehadah
Zmzm Sami Kadan Kadan
Zahra Omar Zaki Jbareen
Zenab Sami Saleh Abu Rahal
Sara Hussein ( Mustfa
Sara Qais Omar Darawsha
Sami Yousef Ibraheem Sirhan
Sabaa Rian Daoud Rian
Saja Hazem Mohammad Arafat
Sojod Fares Mohammad Rahal
Siraj Sami Abed El Star Abd El Kader
Sarmeen Rafeek Yousef Milhim
Saaed Mohammed Ali Tarrabia
Salam Salim Ali Khalaily
Salma Fuad Mohamed Masri
Samah Ibrahim Mustafa Hijazi
Samah Sami Mohamad Badarneh
Samah Abd Alsalam Moustafa Zyood
Sondos Shoukry Omran Shazle
Sondos Moner Hosain Omar
Sondos Nur El Din Ahmed Khalil
Sehrab Mohammad Nashaat Mahagna
Suha Eias Ahmad Tillawy
Soha Adel Hasan Masarwa
Siwar Ahmed Mohammad Zmiro
Sewar Imad Mohammad Arrabi
Siwar Mohammed Ahmad Galiah
Siwar Mohammad Mahmoud Marzook
Shada Omar Mahmoud Nashef
Shorouk Majd Mohammad Assi
Shahinaz Said Tawfiq Abu Sharif
Shereen Ali Salah Fokra
Sabreen Muhamad Ibrahim Mahamid
Salih Mohamad Salih Harb
Abdel Lateef Basem Mohamed Abo Aresha
Abla Ahmed Saed Abd El Jawad
Abir Ahmad Diab Hussien
Odai Ghassan Abd Elmuti Abd El Hadi
Adi Kamal Abd Alrauf Darwish
Ola Talat Ahmad Narani
Ala Mohamad Salih Farooq Siam
Anadil Mokid Yousef Titi
Gadeer Bassam Sobhi Rian
Gazal Yosef Tofek Mostafa
Fatme Jawad Khalel Awawdi
Fatemah Mostafa Abed Al Hasn Mahajna
Fayez Imad Fayez Muheisen
Feda Ahmad Sharef Khaled
Feryal Ganem Adel Garrah
Katef Hatim Shafek Hazzan
Karim Ahmad Abdalkareem Abuelhija
Lara Kamel Mahmuod Aslan
Lama Ahmad Khalil Khaled
Lama Raeed Khaled Zrikat
Lamis Suhaib Nizar Nashif
Lamis Mostafa Assad Hreish
Lana Abd Elmuti Mohammad Elmatboli
Loren Jmal Dokhy Aboraya
Laith Mohamad Khalaf Shaer
Lidia Fakhri Ahmad Fawaz
Lilian Wahib Abd Almagid Almagid Darawsha
Madleen Ali Mohammad Abo-Shanab
Mariya Zoher Ibrahim Badarne
Majdolin Zahi Zaki Sayegh
Mohammad Ibrahim Hossen Qasum
Muhammad Khaled Muhammad Orabi
Mohammad Abdallh Ali Asadi
Mohammad Adnan Salih Sheikh Suleiman
Muhammed Adnan Yossif Shaer
Mahmoud Mohmed Ali Assadi
Mhmood Hani Mhmood Khttab
Maram Khalid Ali Qatawi
Maram Simon As'ad Bulus
Maram Shukri Ali Omari
Maram Adnan Hassan Helf
Maram Yousef Ali Khalilieh
Marah Anan Mohmad Abed
Marah Mmdoh Hosni Sultan
Marwa Uthman Mohammad Fa'ur
Miriam Khalil Asmail Agbaria
Miriam Muhammad Mahmud Halluma
Malak Ahmed Abdallah Matani
Malak Eyad Ebrahem Mhamed
Malak Sadek Sabri Hoshan
Malak Fakhre Adel Diab
Mlak Wasim Yosef Bshara
Malk Ahmad Mouhammad Darwish
Malak Ziad Khaled Saaida
Manar Ahmad Tawfiq Gabarin
Manar Mustafa Nimer Ghadban
Manal Tarik Moner Arram
Mona Yousif Ali Asad
Monia Sami Ahmad Suleiman
Mahdi Atef Mohammad Diab
Moran Tawfiq Majed Fahoum
Miar Taiser Mahmod Eaid
Maisaa Mahdi Suleiman Tarabeih
Maysam Masad Issa Abo Arkia
Nadin Basim Yousef Khoury
Naela Albert Fouad Nahhas
Natalie Samuel Faiz Habib
Nijmi Salami Mohammad Afuni
Nadeen Elias Subhi Hanna
Nadin Nawaf Mostafa Nassar
Narmin Mohamed Masoud Jazmawi
Nirmen Waled Hosny Dabbah
Nur Salim Rushdi Salim
Nor Abed Elrazek Mohammad Jamal
Norhan Omar Diab Salama
Norhan Muhammed Abd Elhamed Abo Kishik
Heba Hosin Mohammad Shalaby
Heba Mohamed Ali Majdoub
Heba Mahmoud Mohammad Shalash
Heba Sobhi Mohammed Khatab
Hadil Hassan Nayef Abbas
Hadeel Nehad Majed Abo Baker
Wail Saleh Ibrahim Zakili
Wadad Mussa George Shaddad
Ward Muhammad Ghazi Zbdad
Ward Yousef Mohamed Khalil
Wafa Chaled Fuad Abo Much
Wala Zohair Fawaz Zoabi
Walaa Alaa Muhammad Abu Elhija
Yara Kamal Khalil Khalil
Yasmin Ali Mohammad Omar
Yosor Basem Wafeq Kraiym
Yaqeen Mahmod Salah Khateb

Environment & Community Health Specialization 

Ameera Kamel Ahmad Abuzaid
Tharaa Qassem Khalil Yousif
Roaa Said Mostafa Eghbaria
Shakeeb Zahi Shakib Artoul
Suhaib Ishaq Mahmoud Ebeidat
Muna Ibrahim Mohammad Igbariya


Faculty of Engineering And Information Technology

Computer Systems Engineering Specialization 

Areen Mustafa Mohammad Zyoud / First student at the Faculty
Irada Mahmoud Hasan Kmail
Orjowan Osama Ahmad Hijawi
Alaa Mostafa Ali Mansour
Bara'a Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Alrob
Tasneem Yousef Omar Armiti
Hareth Abd Al_Rahman Wahid Zyoud
Diala Sodqi Mahmoud Salah
Rabab Nader Saleem Shehadeh
Raghad Abdallah Nayef Husen
Rand Saleh Hassan Abu-Salim
Raneen Zeyad Abd Al Rahmaan Abu Arra
Rahaf Belal Ihsan Altaher
Rahaf Mazen Ibrahim Tahayna
Shatha Hassan Abdallah Rabaya
Tariq Waleed Tawfeeq Abu Alrob
Aisha Jalal Daoud Younis
Abedulrheem Abedalfatah Yousef Salah
Abdulsalam Mustafa Mohammad Mansour
Ali Hussam Ali Tamrawe
Ali Mohammad Ali Sawahreh
Omar Mohammad Omar Kmail
Omair Naif Ahmad Issa
Lana (Mohammad Saeed) Saleh Alyat
Mohammad Khaled Ibrahem Qabaha
Mohamad Khalid Hasan Khatib
Mokhles Basim Ahmad Naghnagheah
Moath Khaled Ibraheem Alawna
Maha Mostafa Mahmoud Shalabi
Maysarah Ali Sami Odeh
Noora Yousef Fawzi Abu Baker
Wesam Muhammed Rafeq Amarneh

Telecommunications Engineering Specialization 

Ahmad Waleed Mohmmad Hamour
Eman Jalal Daoud Younis
Tayseer Yaser Tayseer Amous
Hasan Ahmad Hasan Daraghmeh
Dawoud Riad Dawoud Lahlouh
Samar Esmaaeel Matar Daraghma
Arif Nassar Arif Awwad
Mohammad Gomaa Hasan Banegara
Mais Sameer Fathi Shayeb

Computer Information Technology Specialization 

Ibrahim Mazen Ibrahim Tahayna
Amjad Waddah Ahmad Abdelazeez
Anssar Ekremah Mohammad Staiti
Khalil Mousa Khalil Kassem
Sameh Mostafa Anees Frihat
Mohammad Abdallah Saleh Khamaiseh

Multimedia Technology Specialization 

Ahmad Abdallatif Ahmad Abdalghafour
Safa Kathim Kaml Qalalweh

Computer Science Specialization 

Ashraf Fathi Ibrahim Ahmad
Ala' Mohammad Husain Abu Shomer
Aamal Ali Talab Sawafta
Bayan Ali Borhan Jaradat
Janat Mahmod Saleh Naamne
Rahaf Qaher Khaled Sawalha
Suhaib Yosef Theb Maree
Adan Mohammad Abed Elayat
Ez-Eddin Abdulbaset Ali Nueirat
Ali Azzam Fayez Suleiman
Muhammad Zahir Muhammad Abu Elula
Hanaa Mahmod Taia Zakarnh

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialization 

Abrar Hashem Ahmad Qassarwi
Ahmad Suliman Ahmad Samoudi
Adham Rizq Fares Al Zaqzouq
Aseel Moneer Shehade Zyoud
Amani Esaa Ahmad Sawafta
Ayah Noor Aldeen Kamel Abd Alhadi
Ahmad Jamal Mahmoud Mousa
Bahaa Hasan Abd Allateef Jetawii
Tayma Muthanna Esam Shaban
Hasan Mahmoud Hasan Abusalma
Hala Khaled Hussen Khuzamia
Rand Hosny Shareef Bdeir
Rula Faisal Ahmed Nasrallah
Sara Ahmad Abdallah Sahmood
Sara Sami Bsharah Isayed
Sijood Samer Sulyman Bzour
Saja Nabel Abed Allatef Tahayneh
Sama Alaa Aldeen Mohammad Khalaf
Shoroq Ez Aldeen Ibrahem Abu Arah
Shaymaa Younes Ibrahem Jaradat
Doha Abd Al-Salam Mohammad Shaban
Abdulrahman Mohammad Abd Maree
Obaida Mohammed Yousef Salatneh
Abeer Abd Alraoof Saleh Khlouf
Ezzaldeen Naser Husni Al-Bzour
Ameed Rami Mohiyaldin Alratrout
Ameed "Mohammad Said" Abdul Wahhab Massri
Lina Adel Mohammad Shalabi
Mohammed Hosni Nasser Kmail
Mohamad Abd ِ Al Rhman Ahmad Kmail
Mahmoud Khalid Mahmoud Obiad
Mahmoud Mazen Mohammad Qalalwh
Momin Jamal Mahmoud Alsadi
Narmen Rohe Aref Hammad
Hadeel Husam Mohammad Khalaf
Hanadi Ibrahim Ahmad Alsoqe
Yousef Ali Mahmoud Marie


Faculty of Dentistry

Residency Program in Orthodontics Program

Nidal Ahmad Tayeh Mahmour

Dental Surgery Specialization 

Israa' Na'im Ahmed Khasati / First student at the Faculty
Joud Muez Reda Shalbak / First student at the Faculty (Repeated )
(Fatima Alzahra`) Khaleel Fathi Alkharraz
Athar Ibrahim Jaber Dakhlallah
Arwa Nemer Mohammed Salafta
Isra' Jamal Hassan Kmail
Asil Shouki Nazme Abu Dibay
Aseel Adnan Mahmoud Tahayneh
Aseel Marzoq Mohammad Abahri
Ala'a Fawzi Taher Iqtet
Amna Reyad Yousef Daraghmeh
Iman Ali Omar Haj Yihya
Ahmed Sa'ed Aldeen Mahmoud Omar
Osaid Abedalhakim Mahmoud Hamshari
Asil Rafeh Abid Abu Raiya
Asala Jamal Lotfi Zirini
Aya Hasan Jumaa Taleb
Aya Subhi Mousa Ahmed
Bana Riad Ibrahem Helew
Bana Rushdy Rashed Daraghmeh
Tasnem Yaser Naje Dragmeh
Tamara Carlos Zuhair Haddad
Jehan Jehad Abed Sawaftah
Dania Jehad Hafeth Bawaqneh
Rama Waleed Mohammad Abu Lathou'
Ruba Tawfiq Masoud Yasin
Ruba Kamal Musa Darwish
Rasha Jalal Mohammad Marae
Rasha Mustafa Atef Haj
Raneem Mahmoud Mousa Abu Mwais
Roa'a Mohammed Abd_Alateef Afanah
Sarah Hani Mahmoud Younis
Sara Ahmad Yhea Kadah
Sarah Iyad (Mohammed Ali) Zeid
Sabaa Nasser Muhammad Awawdi
sojood bassam ahmad massalha
Saja Bahzad Khaleel Khader
Saja Husam Heseen Daraghmeh
Sama' Iqab Adel Dababat
Samah Khalid Ibrahem Hirsh
Sumer Essam Mohamad Shawahna
Sundus Zuher "Mohammad Musa" Muhtaseb
Sondos Mashhor Ali Naamneh
ٍSiham Abdelhalim Yosef Hawwari
Siwar Shawcat Ali Khateeb
ٍSewar Adel Barakat Khamaisi
Suzan Christena Cezar Bahij Nseir
Sawsan Yasser Ibrahim Yassin
Simon Ghanem Anton Ghanem
Shady Nehad Ahmad Abd El Hai
Shefaa Mahmoud Daher Asleh
Shahad Ahmad Shahadah Abuhajeer
Shaymaa Amear Sulyman Saaeed
Saba AbdAlkareem Yousef Ateeq
Dia Eldin Ayman Mamdouh Fahoum
A'a'sheh Fathi Fayeq Alkhraz
Abeer Ali Ahmad Shaur
Amro Hisham Abdulqader Naana
Gadah Marwan Jameel Suleiman
Falasteen Maher Fayez Zakarneh
Phillip Samer Essa Amal
Katreen Anan Abdelrahim Badawi
Kathrin Yousef Ibrahem Sahoury
Lara Hasan Ali Atawnah
Lana Abd Al Salam Amer Al Alyat
Lama Mussa Mohammad Dahleh
Leema Abd Al-Naser Abd Al-Afou Amarnah
Marseil Ali Saeed Abd El Ghani
Maria Nidal Wajeeh Mawassy
Mobarak Rafea Mobarak Akria
Masal Yusuf Abad al munham Asadi
Magdolin Salim Khader Shalatah
Mohammad Tareq Meteb Murad
Mohammad Abed-Elhakeem Mohammad Khatib
Mohammed Fareed Nimer Rabah
Mohammad Mahmood Hasan Khalil
Muhammad Nader Yousif Kabaha
Mahmoud Husam Mahmoud Alshaer
Mahmud Hasan Mahmud Fadila
Mahmoud Rajeh Mahmoud Alawneh
Maram Rmzi Saeed Zreiqat
Maram Majah Ibrahem "Alsayed ِAhmed"
Marah Mohammad Mahmoud Younis
Marwa Ismael Ibrahem Zarora
Maryam Ibrahim Mohamad Abu Saleh
Meriam Hani Mahmoud Younis
Motaz Yahya Abd-ِAlrhem Barakat
Malak Rasem Mustafa Abu Rashed
Mona Abed Elrahim Mohammad Jabarin
Maha Ayed Saeed Qasarweh
Mai Mohannad Yousef Shami
Mirna Nagi Anton Mtanes
Mays Jawad Ali Abu Tair
Mais Hisham Mosa Darawsha
Maisaa Hosam Hasan Basheer
Maisara Ahmed Mohmed Grabia
Nadia Farook Ibrahim Atrash
Nariman Ahmad Mahmoud Abuyounis
Nareman Hassn Hoseen Abosaleh
Najib Mohammed Najib Abualrob
Nardeen Jawad Kamal Baloum
Najam Aoni Msalam Hamuda
Nihaia Nafea Ahmad Kabaha
Noor Mamoon Mohamad Mbayed
Nour Mustafa Yousef Ahmad
Nur Munir Taleb Khalaila
Nora Bassam Izzat Abualhaija
Nora Adnan Mohamad Awad
Hadeel Emil Subhi Alsayegh
Hadeel Bassam Fares Albahar
Hadeel Zaher Rajeh Abu Yaquob
Hanadi Abbas Abdalrahman Kmail
Haya Waleed Ali Eid
Wisal Awad Tofeq Abu Ahmad Wawi
Weam Yosef Salah Krayem
Yara Jamal Mahmoud Husssein
Yara Saleh Ahmad Alnatsheh
Yara Nasser Ahmad Zakarna
Yatrb Lutfi Hosne Omar
Yazan Arab Abdalkareem Al Alawneh
Yosra Nassem Jaber Nassar
Yousef Fayez (Mohammad Ally) Rabaya


Faculty of Sport Sciences

Sport Sciences Specialization 

Aseel Mahmoud Sadeq Kmail / First student at the Faculty
Basel Ahmed Ali Adileh / First student at the Faculty ( Repeated )
Ibrahim Mohammad Ibrahim Sabbah
Ibrahem Mohammad Ibrahem Nasra
Areej Ibraheem Ghalb Alawneh
Amjad Ali Hasan Naamneh
Amly Fawze Ahmad Egbariya
Ameera Ahmed Mahmod Khlil
Aya Raslan Nemer Ghanayim
ehab nidal Abdal-rahman zoubi
Ahmad Majid Ahmad Abualrob
Baker Faisel Ali Msaied
Bakri Madi Ahmad Bakri
Tamer Khair Ahmad Nassar
Tamer Yousef Mahmoud Haj Mohamed
Jawad Moneer Mohammed Zoabi
Hussein Ma'moun Hussein Daraghmeh
Doaa Ahed Faiez Masarwa
Dima Wajde Maged Suleiman
Rabea Zaid Kasem Braik
Romaisa Ibrahim Ahmad Galeon
Rawan Mahmod Jamel Younis
Reyad Moneer Nasri Jaboor
Saher Ganem Rafeek Agbareia
Samer Abrahim Mutlik Ghanayim
Samer Jamal Taha Zidan
Sahar Yousef Sulaiman El Krinawi
Soliman Khader Suleiman Hebe
ٍSuliman Ziad Hasan Naserat
Sanad Jamal qassem Taha
Seema Ahmad Yousef Obaid
Sallah Al Deen Nasser Fahad Al Khabas
Tariq Fayez Lutfi Zaid
Abdallah Mahmood Khaled Ahmad
Areen Bassam Taher Jalghoum
Ali Mosa Rashid Abu Younes
Fares Husam Ibrahem Marjieh
Farida Husam Mraweh Abdallah
Fawaz Gasan Fawaz Andrawes
Foad Ibrahim Mohammad Atauna
Qassem Ahmad Qassem Rayan
Qasim Mahmud Qasim Mahmud
Kanar Khaled Mohammed Hamody
Malek Mohamed Abdalkader Mahajna
Mothana Basem Izat Abu Alhijaa
Majd Muhammad Azzam Tarabeih
Mohammed Ameen Hussein Daraghmeh
Mohamed Jamal Omar Aboalroab
Muhamad Riyad Hasan Nesirat
Mohammad Zaidan Khaled Hamza
Mohamad Sami Hosin Sayed Ahmad
Muhammad Said Abdelrahman Agbaria
Mohamad Sanad Hasan Marai
Mohammad Adel Mosa Salman
Mohammad Atef Hasan Khalaila
Mohamad Atef Fathe Kubha
Muhammad Karim Mahmoud Diab
Mohamed Kamal Mohamed Ghali
Mohammad Met'b Ibraheem Zyad
Mohamad Mwafq Hamzi Bekawi
Mohammad Nedal Mahmoud Nazzal
Mahmoud Ammar Mahmoud Zbeedat
Marwan Abdalnasser Mahmoud Alzoubi
Moreed Eilat Saeed Azab
Mustafa Tariq Mustafa Zaidan
Muath Abd Alrahman Ghaze Masri
Moataz Billa Hashem Abed Mahajne
Manar Sabeh Ahmad Gomed
Mona Monther Nazme Kabaha
Mahdi Majdi Mahmoud Mustafa
Mai Abd El Karim Ibrahim Abo Yunis
Mysam Saleh Ali Saleh
Nareman Ali Abdalkadir Mahamed
Nadir Ali Shafiq Masoud
Nama Mohammed Ahmad Nama
Nour Hani Fakhri Fahoum
Nour Aldeen Hussen Hasn Khalilieh
Neveen Mohamad Soliman Al Sade
Hamam Hany Soleman Kanaanh
Warda Sodki Ismail Agbaria
Wiaam Omar Mohmmad Zidan
Yara Mustafa Said Abu Yones
Yazan Zahi Ahmed Abu Ali
Yazan Mohammad Rashed Rabaya
Yousef Hassan Mahmoud Abbas


Faculty of Graduate Studies

Business Administration Specialization 

Ahmad Nabih Abdel Alfattah Abul-Rub
Ameer "Mohammed Wafa" Jameel Saqf Al-Hiet
Iyad Ahmad Nimer Zebdawi
Ahmad Naji Hussien Daragmeh
Amjad Hasan Ahmad Tarazi
Jamal "Mohammad Ma'moun" Mohammad Hasan
Hamed Mohammad Noureddin Taha
Haneen Ibrahem Sayel Alkhateeb
Raed Assad Butros Mubarak
Omar Hani Ali Alsaleh
Majdi Musa Ismail Shawar
Mohammed Nassar Mohammed Altell
Manar Adel Mohammad Al-Zitawi

Computer Science Specialization 

Khetam Asad Attiyah Abu Hadiya
Adel Jamal Hassan
Fadi Khaleel Mohammad Abu Alrub
Mohammad Tayseer Mahmoud Zaid Keelani
Mariam Adwan Fakhri Yasin
Wasim Wael Ali Nathif

Strategic Planning And Fundraising Specialization 

Ebtesam Mustafa Moh'd Ahmad
Ahmad Amjad Roshdi Hanani
Tayseer Yousef Dyab Hamed
Jenine Wahib Mohammad Ali Abuamouneh
Haidar Samer Haidar Abubaker
Ruba Hosni Mohammad Owais
Rumouz Rafe Abd Al Fattah Abu Markhiya
Saja Nael Masoud Asaad
Lina Yousef Mahmoud Jardaneh
Mohammad Ahmad Afif Al-Ardeh
Mohammad Sharif Mohammad Suliaman
Mohammad Ali Mohammad Quraan
Mohammad Mashhour Sabri Alharashi
Mays Ala'din Qasem Awwad
Hala Mutie Yousef Diebes
Yousef Atef Yousef Amarneh

Applied Mathematics Specialization 

Shams Salah Aldeen Imran Berbari
Yasmeen Thabit Abdulfattah Al Mubaslat

Physics Specialization 

Tahani Mohammad Ali Irshead
Masa Jamal Ahmad Daraghmeh
Mays Ahmad Hosain Abdalghafour

Commercial Law Specialization 

Ahmad Nejy Mahmoud Abu Ali
Ilaa' Mhamad Ahmad Qubha
Amr Ibrahim Jameel Saabneh
Hadeel Izz Aidin Mohammad Alruzzi

Conflict Resolution And Development Specialization 

Abd Al-Fattah Ahmad Mefleh Tallouzi
Faris Ghassan Naem Said
Nebal Rafiq Helmy Al-Arda
Hala Mohammad Abdulhafiz Abu Shilbayih

16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement
16th  Batch Commencement