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The University Celebrate Graduating Schools Students after Joining the Islamic Decoration Training

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Arab American University celebrated graduating 33 students from the schools of the Education directorates in Jenin, Qabatya, and Tubas, who participated in the14 hours’ Islamic Decoration course organized by the VPs office for Training and Community Service.

Part of the graduation

The ceremony was attended by Arab American University the VP of Training and Community Service Dr. Nitham Diab, the Director of the Technical Department in Directorate of Education and Higher Education in Qabatya Prof. Mazen Jarrar, Dean of Faculty of Science Dr. Muayad Abu Saa, Head of Mathematics department at Faculty of Science and students’ trainer Dr. Amina Afaneh, and representatives of the Education departments in Jenin and Tubas.

The University Vice President for Training and community service Dr. Diab, started it by welcoming everyone and sending the University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zahri greetings. Emphasizing, AAUJ’s willing to adopt creative ideas that contribute to support students and offer what they can to serve the community. Noting that the students’ have great energy and needs to be enhanced, the university is working to bring these energies out to the world.

The Technical Department director at the Directorate of Education and Higher education in Qabatya Mr. Mazen Jarrar praised the university role which become a scientific monument to make everyone proud, the country has been united and proved its presence. Noting, the Palestinian people, despite the difficult conditions they live, has a space for creativity. He emphasized, the education directorate in Qabatya, Jenin, and Tubas are proud of the permanent partnership with the University.

As for the students’ trainer in the course and the idea owner, Dr. Amina Afaneh said she was surprised by the great energy of creativity she felt from the students during it. She expressed her pleasure with the experience, noting the course idea came to convince everyone that mathematics is part of every single scientific application and mathematical concepts are indispensable. Moreover, emphasizing, beauty is always connected to mathematics, as the students’ drawings relied heavily on geometric concepts.

By the end, the shcools' students who participated in the Islamic Decorations training course got their certificates