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The University Celebrates the Graduation of Master's Degree Students in Ramallah Campus

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The University celebrated the graduation of MA students in conflict resolution and development program, literature and intercultural communication, quality management, strategic planning and fundraising, computer science and commercial law at the University in Ramallah campus. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University, Dr. Mohammad Ashteh attended the ceremony along with the President of the University Prof. Ali Abu Zuhri, and The Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate Dr. Laila Ghannam, the Ambassador of Japan to the State of Palestine Takeshi Okubo, the Vice-Presidents of the University, the Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies Dr. Abdulrahman Abu Lebda, and members of the academic and administrative staff.

Part of the MA Graduation Ceremony

Chairman, Board of Trustees of the University Speech

After the entry of Graduates, the national anthem and Al-Fateha on the memory of the souls of the martyrs, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Arab American University, Dr. Mohammad Ashteh, opened the ceremony with a welcoming speech. He congratulated the graduates on behalf of the Board of Trustees. "I congratulate this batch of graduates on this special day, and said "The relationship between these programs today are you graduates. Development requires conflict resolution and stability, adding that conflict in the world is not between civilizations or cultures, it is between Greed and subsistence, and the need for strength and willpower, and the mobilization of funds to create accumulation of capital through saving for the continuation and investment, and stimulate growth, and access to development to fight poverty, unemployment and disease and the preservation of the environment and respect for women's rights in a free democratic society, based on law and creativity of the individual.

As he added; “Israel has been managing conflict with Palestine and the Arabs since 1948, and does not want to resolve the conflict, and it wants to continue in the current situation."

Dr. Ashteh said that the university certificate is a reminder of self-improvement. But we also want our graduates to use the university certificate as a work permit to start changing the society to reach to the change the world. "He said to the graduates," Give yourselves the confidence you can think outside the box. Education is not just about getting a certificate. It's about expanding your knowledge and understanding about reality in order to change this reality for the better."

As he said “We, the Palestinian people, are living under occupation and Israeli settler colonialism, which makes the development almost impossible in such conditions. This occupation has made our economy fragile," he said. "The occupation has dragged our land from under our feet and turned these owners into employees to serve its economy. In order to protect our land, we must expand the production base of our economy, transform the Palestinian demographic pyramid into human development, and launch renewable energy and green energy. "

He pointed out the reason of inviting the Ambassador of Japan to the State of Palestine to attend this graduation ceremony, he said, "Because Japan is a model the strength of peoples will, where it is located on a group of islands of limited natural resources, hit by America nuclear bombs in the World War, but came out and stood on its feet, and despite the earthquakes and volcanoes that hit the country it has become among the countries in the world. Japanese have succeeded in creating a partnership between the public and private sectors, focusing on education, transforming what is available into a strong trading fleet and then relying on technology. "

He added, "When the peoples will will triumph over occupation, environment and weakness of possibilities, and we have to build what we have which is the Palestinian man, our interest in this subject is a priority," stressing the importance of building the future, he said, "We fight, and we fought the battle of existence and representation and containment, The battle of the narrative because the Israeli wants to forge our national narrative. "

He addressed his speech to the graduates and said, “You the graduates are our weapon, and our strategic weapon are our grandfathers whom are the owners of our narratives. As you are the protectors of the land, we fight in you, because you are the salt of the earth we fight with pride for the sake of dignity and freedom, not for a larger livelihood or economic peace as Trump, Netanyahu and others want. "

He ended his speech by saying, we have learned the words of Christ, peace and blessings be upon him, "not by bread alone we stay alive, but by freedom, dignity and self-respect. We will stand on our land and resist the occupier. And you graduate will remain a guiding light on the land of Palestine to the last extent. " 



Governor of Ramallah and Al - Bireh Governorate Speech

The Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, Dr. Laila Ghannam, opened her speech with her warm condolences to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the victims of the Dead Sea incident. "We feel with your suffering, we lose every day a martyr, and we know the extent of the pain that afflicts us."

Then we went along and congratulated the graduates and said, "we are proud of this graduation because this way we build our nation, and the occupation will not be able to break us, and the university is a model of graduating generations and trained them to be the builders of the future, and the ongoing occupation attacks will not break our stability and limit the realization of our dreams." As she praised the Palestinian woman, that works alongside men despite all the circumstances that she is going through, and the role of Arab American University in graduating groups that have to build the society.


The President of University speech

The President of Arab American University, Professor Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri congratulated the graduates and said, "The university is committed in providing quality education, and this commitment strengthens the University's efforts to make its faculties, programs and its facilities with international standards along with the needs of labor market for qualified candidates in their field, and because the university is always ahead in providing quality programs, we now have thirteen majors in graduate programs, and in last year we offered the doctoral program in business administration with the University of Indiana, the first doctoral business program in Palestine, and the first doctoral program offered by the university. "

He added "The university believes in the ability of its students and graduates in shaping the present and building the future, which can be achieved through academic excellence set by quality management system, the best use of information technology in teaching, practical training, encouraging creativity, innovation, freedom of opinion and expression, along with strategic view.

He added "Arab American University seeks all that is new, modern and rare through the adoption of quality academic programs that meets the national needs, and adoption of global teaching methods based on thinking, learning and searching of information, in addition in establishing scientific partnerships and adoption of joint study programs with international universities."

As Dr. Abu Zuhri announced the readiness of the Specialized University Center for Dentistry at Ramallah Campus, which is the best in the region in terms of equipment and medical staff, which started to receive orthodontics and dental implants cases.

 He ended his speech by saying "Success does not come by chance, but it is the result of hard work, determination, challenge and striving to develop and provide the best," saying to the graduates to be strong enough for this challenge, to be proud of yourselves and so that your families and Palestine will be also proud of you.



The Ambassador of Japan to Palestine speech

Ambassador of Japan to the State of Palestine Mr. Takeshi Okubo began his speech with some words of Mahmoud Darwish poet "on this land what is worth living." He said, "I assure you that the land of Palestine deserves life." "You are the generation of the future. "there are common denominators between Palestine and Japan, its that we both do not have the oil and the natural wealth, but we love life and we invest in science and education, and man is the richest and most precious thing we have," he said.

Mentioning  "Japan's economy is based on investing in human resources and then engaging in the private sector. As a result, Japan has embarked on a path of peace and prosperity through its initiatives, investing in industrial and agricultural sectors, focusing on private-public partnership, all with the aim of creating and training young people.

He pointed out that Japan has recently strengthened technology, information and communications sector through a digital contest on the level of Palestine, and met with talented young people in the competition that presented ideas distinctive pilot projects, where five of them won the opportunities to get training in Japan, stressing the importance of human resources development in Palestine.

He added that Japan has organized a conference about human resources development in which a number of East Asian countries, including Palestine, have participated, adding that over the past five years since the conference began, the capacity of about 1,500 Palestinians has been raised.

He concluded by saying, "Every beginning has an end, each end has its beginning, your success today is the beginning of a long road and an academic path that requires patience, and creativity. There are many Japanese scientists who have won the Nobel Prize for Science and Literature. I encourage you to complete your studies in East Asia, and take advantage of our experiences and philosophy. I would like to mention that there are opportunities to study in Japan in your fields and there are Palestinian students who have become active in the field of scientific research. "


Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies Speech

The Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies at Arab American University Dr. Abdul Rahman Abu Libdeh addressed in his speech the graduates and said, "Each of you has earned a place here through determination and sincerity to achieve outstanding knowledge and higher skills. You must be proud of the hard work you have done and the great effort. As he, thanked the faculty members for their efforts in using modern methods and guidance and for their students.

As he mentioned The doctoral program in business administration in partnership with the University of Indiana in Pennsylvania, is the first and only program of its kind in Palestine, pointing out that the Faculty of Graduate Studies has 13 outstanding programs in the master's degree, contianing about 750 students, and expressed his ambition to achieve More high quality graduate programs.


Graduate Speech

In the graduates' speech, the graduate said, "These are beautiful moments we live in today, and we see the harvest of what we have been worked for, discussed, learned, thought for, and accomplished over the past two years and perhaps more. Our lives have changed, our priorities have changed, "We had a great goal, which is the achievement of what we have done today for a determination and a will in obtaining a master's degree and adding a distinctive academic degree to our professional and personal lives."

He added "After eleven years of finishing my bachelor's degree at the same university in Jenin, which I cherish very much, I decided to complete my master's degree at the same university in Ramallah. I did not hesitate to make a decision at the time, knowing that it was 11 years late. I had a strong motivation for this move and was thrilled to go back to school again, as I saw that education and knowledge are the secrets of life and a light from God, that gives you satisfaction and happiness for you to continue and learn more "He said.


Success Story

Bara al-Rifai, a graduate from Faculty of Graduate Studies at Arab American University, presented his success story when he decided to complete his career and excellence in his work. He intended to complete his studies abroad until he saw a letter directed by Arab American University to the Palestinian Islamic Bank , written in it that the university gives the opportunity to those wishing to complete their study in one of the accredited educational programs, while thinking what program to choose, he noticed that he university programs are rare and not available in local universities and meet the modern needs of labor market, so he went for Quality Management program, noting that the university prevented him from lot of trouble to travel abroad in addition to providing the necessary tools, knowledge and education.

As he added, “that my Master's Degree in Quality Management gave me a strong opportunity to start a series of training programs regarding quality, ISO and Six Sigma subjects after receiving offers to deliver training from many centers. This achievement will contribute to the development of my career and business environment towards achieving the Bank's objectives." The most important of which is learning the art of solid management, taking advantage of all opportunities, turning the idea into reality, emphasizing the importance of proper thinking, getting rid of routine work and believing that success is always associated with improvements and reforms in the work method.

The ceremony included a video presentation of the memories of the graduates, and in the ceremony they handed over certificates of excellence to four graduates with a score of 4.0, Bahaa Ahmed Salem Awad, Abdel Fattah Talouzi, Mohamed Sherif Mohammed Sulaiman, Hala Mohamed Abdel Hafiz Abu Shalbaya. The ceremony concluded by handing over the certificates to the graduates:

Ahmed Adnan Ragheb Jaradat

Esraa Riad Mohammed Aql

Alaa "Ahmed Jawad" Amin Rabie

Iyad Fawaz Odeh Abdel Rahman

Iman Ahmed Abdel Fattah Hanoun

Iman Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hamri

Ashraf Abdul Karim Mustafa Al Qassem

Baraa Ahmed Mahmoud Rifai

Bahaa Ahmed Salem Awad

Jenin Waheb Mohammad Ali Abu Amouneh

Hussam Bassem Akkawi

Haydar Samer Haydar Abu Bakr

Khitam Asaad Attieh Hadia

Kholoud Wael Fayez Alkwamala

Rasha Akrim Mohamed Tarwa

Ramouz Rafie Abdel Fattah Abomrkih

Ramisa Mohanna Rashad Hawari

Renad Yousef Mohammed Housha

Raneem Mahmoud Mohammed Abu Ain

Rida Andrea Nicola Khoury

Zenia Khaled Ahmad Mabrouk

Sameh Rashid Ali Abu Khader

Saja Nael Massoud Asaad

Suhaila Walid Majid Abogosh

Sereen Barakat Saber Jaber

Shaimaa Ibrahim Hussein Bakri

Safa Mazen Tawfiq Hajjah

Tarek Ziad Mohamed Sawafta

Talaat Hamed Hashim Al Hato

Abdul Fattah Talouzi

Abdel Fattah Mohamed Naguib Selim

Ali Kamel Mohammed Salihieh

Luna Khamis Elias Tannous

Lina Yousef Mahmoud Jardana

Metwail Mahmoud Mohammed Abu Ain

Mohamed Sherif Mohamed Suleiman

Mohammed Mashhour Sabri Al - Harashah

Mohamed Nader Abdel Fattah Tarshan

Mariam Mahmoud Mohammed Abu Ain

Mona Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Hamdiya

Maha Tayseer Mahmoud Hamail

Maysoun Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Sharif

Nisreen Fadl Yousef Nazal

Nour Tarek Mohamed Genidi

Hadeel Ahmed Saleh Alqam

Hala Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Abu Shalbaya

Waseem Wael Ali Nazif

Part of the MA Graduation Ceremony