The University Celebrates the Graduation of " Personal Trainer Course "

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Continuing Education Center at Arab American University celebrated the graduation of 17 participants in personal trainer course, in the presence of the Director of Continuing Education Center Dr. Khaled Attieh, Head of bodybuilding association Mr. Nazih Nairat, and his deputy Mr. Salah Abu Armeleh, the head of training department in the association Khalid Dweik, Zakarneh and the course trainer Dr. Maan Zakarnih.

The ceremony was opened by the Director of Continuing Education Center Dr. Attia, welcoming the audience and praising the cooperation and partnership between the Palestinian Association and the University. He also emphasized the University's interest in the sports. Noting that the university established an international sports stadium, a sports hall as well as an outdoor playgrounds and Olympic swimming pools. In addition of organizing sports courses that qualify the participants to enter the sports labor market.

For his part, the head of the Bodybuilding Association Mr. Nazih Nairat praised the role of Arab American University in sports, and organizing important courses such as personal trainer course, which obtains the participants all the skills.

The course's trainer Dr. Maan Zakarnih congratulated the participants, assuring the importance of the course, which it presents all the skills in a scientific and professional form. He pointed out that the personal trainer's course is unique and Arab American University is the only university in the West Bank that organizes such courses.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates were given to the participants.