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The University Celebrates the International Day for People With Special Needs Through Organizing Various Events

Monday, December 10, 2018

The University celebrated the International Day for People with Special Needs, by organizing various events held by at Occupational Therapy Department at the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, in order to educate students in the program and the local community regarding the needs of this group of all age.​

Part of the Event

The Head of the Occupational Therapy Department Dr. Waleed Jarjoura, said that the events included an exhibition of rehabilitation and therapeutic tools for physical and developmental disabilities for children and adults, in addition organizing three seminars in which the president of the "Ana Qader" Association was hosted by Lamees Habibullah from the 48 territories, where she presented the services provided by the Association for people with special needs. The Student Hind Ahmed from Occupational Therapy program also presented a topic on the suitability of vehicles for the physically disabled. The blind student Mahmoud Abbas from Al Noor School for the Blind presented a poem about disability, noting that disability does not delay energy.

Part of the Event