The University Considering Developing Cooperation with the Arab Islamic Bank

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Arab American University VP for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arra welcomed a delegation from the Arab Islamic Bank, which visited the university to discuss ways of developing cooperation between the two in areas of mutual interest.

From the meeting

The delegation included Chairman of the Arab Islamic Bank Board of Directors Dr. Ateef Alawneh, the Director General of the Bank Mr. Hani Nasser, the Bank Branches Manager Mr. Nitham Al-Zamil and Head of Jenin Branch Mr. Mohammed Zakarneh.

During the meeting, Mr. Abu Arra welcomed the visiting delegation, stressing on the university philosophy and vision that’s based on building strong relations with local and international institutions as a recognition of the partnership and communication importance for the students and local community.

He praised the Arab Islamic Bank and its sponsors, talking about its role in providing scholarships to a group of university students, an indicator of its social responsibility and continuous communication with the people. Then gave a brief on the university, its colleges and outstanding academic programs. Pointing, it helps building the students personalities, enable them to acquire communication, language skills and successful leadership to facilitate their smooth enrollment in the Palestinian labor market and with high scientific and practical efficiency.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Islamic Bank Dr. Atef Alawneh expressed his happiness visiting the University and the strategic relationship between the two parties. Stressing that the existing partnership and cooperation aim primarily to build leadership capabilities capable of continuing excellence. “This is what we found in the Arab American University students, Enormous powers and varied skills added to the local market, making them a title for excellence and creativity”, he said.

He added, the university was distinguished because it focused on the practical sciences the society needs and was the initiator in embracing the sons of the 1948 lands and consolidating relations with them. He said “We are following all the university new developments and we know it’s seeking academic and administrative development, making an active partner in society. So we always strive to develop our relationship through entrepreneurial projects and continuously working on the student to get an ideal educational outcomes.

The two parties discussed significant topics of common interest, most notably training the administrative and financial sciences students on using the banks systems, holding workshops and conferences and exchange expertise.