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The University Discusses Enhancing Cooperation with the National Bank

Sunday, January 21, 2018

University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri in presence of his VP for Financial and Administrative Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arra and Board of Directors Legal Adviser Mr. Salah Jawdeh welcomed the Deputy Director General of the National Bank in Ramallah Mr. Said Shabaneh, who visited the university to discuss ways of developing cooperation between the two in common interest fields.

Discussing enhancing cooperation with The National Bank

During the meeting, Prof. Abu Zuhri presented an explanation of the university, its faculties and bachelor and master academic programs. He stressed, the university vision and philosophy is based on building strong relationships with local and international institutions due to the importance of partnership and communication among institutions for the students and the community benefit and achieve the institutions objectives.

University VP for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu-Arra praised the National Bank’s role in strengthening the banking sector and Palestinian economy. He explained, the university is working on building student’s personality and empowering him/her by enhancing communication, language and successful leadership skills to facilitate joining the Palestinian labor market in a smooth, highly scientific and practical manner.

Deputy Director-General of the National Bank Mr. Shabaneh, expressed his happiness with the existing cooperation linking the bank and the university. Stressing, his goal is primarily building leadership capabilities to proceed with this excellence. It’s what we found in the Arab American University students with their great powers, skills and creativity.

“The university is significantly developing academically and administratively, making it an important economic center generally in Palestine and Jenin in particular. In addition to being active partner in the community. We always strive to develop our relationship through pilot projects and constantly improving students to achieve quality education”, he said.

They discussed a number of mutual interest issues, most notably banking systems training for students specializing in administrative and financial sciences, holding workshops and conferences and exchanging experiences.

The guest toured the campus to see its faculties, centers, the multi-purpose gymnasium and international football stadium. Expressing his admiration with the possibilities it provides for its students and local community.