University Founding President Prof. Dr. Waleed Deeb Honors Number of Its First Employees

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Prof. Dr. Waleed Deeb, Founding President of the Arab American University and the Academic Advisor to its Board of Directors, honored a group of the University's first employees who played a key role in establishing a number of its departments and moved to other institutions at home.

Prof. Dr. Deeb pointed that the university faced many difficulties and obstacles during its first years, but it continued to progress till it reached today’s academic, scientific and financial balance. All of which couldn’t happen without the will and determination of its founding workers who believed in it and insisted to success. This honoring comes in recognition of their role and efforts during their years at the university.

He gave a brief about each of them before being honored, talk about his career and achievement, "Today we honor former and sincere colleagues, who had a great impact in setting the University basics despite all challenges. Day and night, they worked hard, making it their priority rather than their personal life, they were courage and wise in many situations and crises. Today we tell them you are part of this University your previous achievements were the foundation that we continued to build on and having many accomplishments and successes”.

Dr. Deeb concluded addressing the honorees, “Thank you for your efforts, with your determination, the Arab American University has become a beacon of science”.

He also stressed that the university will honor its employees who helped bringing the university this far now and in the near future.

At the end, Prof. Dr. Deeb honored Prof. Dr. Ghassan Abu Hijla former Dean of Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Dr. Khalid Alawi Dean of Student Affairs and former VP for Academic Affairs, Mr. Hamza Abdulaziz Human Resources Department former Director, Mr. Zaher Brahmeh former Executive Director, Mr. Faris Al-Hindi Computer Center former Manager, Mrs. Aman Jarrar former Public Relations Director, and Ms. Cynthia Yoder former Director of the Language Center.