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The University Honors Its Employees Who Obtained Training Courses During 2018

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Arab American University honored its employees with training courses during 2018, aiming for the development of their skills and their respective fields.

The University honors its employees who received training courses during 2018

The President of the University Prof. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri, along with VP for training Dr. Nizam Thiab, and VP of administrative and financial affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arra, members of the training committee of administrative staff Eng. Mays Awwad, and Mr. Osama Al-Saadi and Professor Shatha Al-Ahmad have handed over certificates of appreciation to employees who have obtained training and development courses during 2018.

The certificates were delivered to employees with VM ware and Excel advanced courses, electronic archiving, Lean six sigma, impact measurement training, and training trainees of Occupational Therapy.

Dr. Abu Zuhri praised the efforts of those who organized these courses and thanked the employees for their commitment, excellence and dedication to work. He assured that the University is keen to enhance the skills of its staff in each field through organizing several training courses for them which will positively reflect on their work and enhance managerial work to meet the needs of the educational process and students.

He added that the university has set up a committee to train administrative staff to communicate continuously with the departments of the university and its various faculties, to know the needs of employees, their administrative weaknesses and their aspirations for all new administrative and knowledge sciences, and then obtaining courses in cooperation with local and international institutions. Experts and specialists to provide these courses for the universitys’ emolpyees each field and nature of work.

the staff and employees expressed their appreciation to the university management and assured that they are always looking forward to enhance their management skills, which helps them to accomplish their work more professionally for the service of the university and its educational career and student in general.