The University Hosts the 13th National Championship for Educational Robotics

Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University hosted the 13th National Championship for Educational Robotics in Palestine, "First Lego" organized by Fiker institution entitle "Space", in which 30 teams of students participated from the Directorates of Education in the northern West Bank

The First Lego World Robotics Competition is a global scientific competition held in more than 88 countries in the world, and all teams deal with the same title and operate on the same standards. It is also one of the most exciting and fast-paced competitions. It is a combination of education and creativity, on the other hand it is designed for the age group of 9 years and up to 16 years old of school students, each team consists of "2 - 10" students in addition to the coach and supervisor.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Dr. Mohammad Hamarsheh said that the aim of hosting the competition is to encourage the use of science and technology to solve obstacles and problems facing the world. Adding that each team participating in the competition has searched for a problem in the space world, then The team creates a robot to perform the task of solving modern problems.

The General manager of Fiker institution and the representative of the international competition in Palestine Eng. Muhannad Omria said, "The Championship is based on four pillars: the project, where each team should identify a problem and find a creative solution for it and design the robot to solve the problem. Then to create the best design using high-tech technology and mechanical tools including motors, gears and sensors of all kinds and programming to perform a set of tasks defined in just two and a half minutes that includes exploration, teamwork and effectiveness in decision-making and professionalism through training and practice. Finally, the challenge is in the racing field using the Robert where each team should bring out the best tasks in designing and programming the robot and how its unique, trilled, excited and fun and the challenge is made in front of the audience.

He added that the aim of this championship is to encourage students to know the importance of science, technology and develop their creative aspects to become scientists and innovators in the future. He pointed out that there were three competitions in Palestine. The winning teams qualify for the final level at Birzeit University on the 13th of this month. The winner will represent Palestine in the international championships at the Arab and international levels.

The reason for organizing the championship at Arab American University is because the university is an important partner in the championship. This is the fourth time that such a competition is organized. In addition, the university has the logistical capabilities to hold a large competition on international levels.

At the end of the ceremony the results were announced, and the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Dr. Mohammad Hamarsheh said that the Faculty hosts such activities for its importance in the role of our daily lives that is to strengthen the relationship between public and private sector institutions. Explaining that the faculty recognizes the need of the market for expertise in the field of technology, and works to raise the level of students and their expertise in all fields, engineering applications and technology, to be at the level of responsibility when they graduate and work in the local, regional and international markets.

He added that the administration of the university was keen to provide all the necessary support to develop the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, by hiring expertise, processing modern laboratories, and all that is necessary to develop and distinguish an academic and research faculty to service the community.

Mr. Munir Abed Rabboh a member in the championship administration said that Arab American University has become a location where students can achieve their goals, thanking the University to provide all the necessary for the success of this competition, thanking everyone who contributed in this success.

At the end the comity announced the winning of four teams: The Masqat Boys Secondary School Team from Al-Asira Al-Shamalia from the North Competition, Yasser Arafat's primary girls team from Nablus, Tamoun secondary school girls team, and Anabta secondary school girls team where they will be qualified to the final completion at Birzeit University on the 13th of this month.

Part of the Championship
Part of the Championship