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The University Hosts a Delegation from the British Council

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A meeting held for the definition of grants in the British universities

The Arab American University hosted a delegation from the British Council, who visited the university to hold a meeting with academics, with the aim to provide definition about the scholarships of the Council in British universities.

The visiting delegation included the Director of Examination Section and Public Relation of the British Council Mr. Imad Qashou’, the Administrator of Grants Department at the Council Ms. Mirna Qassis, and they were welcomed by the Acting Rector Dr. Nizam Diab, and Vice President for Planning and Development Affairs Dr. Osama Salama, and Director of Public Relations Department at the University Mr. Fathi E’mour.

Both Qashou’ and Qassis explained during the meeting, the mechanisms of applying for the grant ‘HESPAL’ for postgraduate studies in the master's and doctoral degrees in the British universities.  This grant provided by the British Council for academics at the Palestinian universities, in order to provide an opportunity to enrich their knowledge from the British universities and to return to their universities for the benefit of their students.  They also discussed the conditions and disciplines and requirements, and they presented introductory definition about the English proficiency exam, IELTS.