The University Opens the 2nd Exhibition of Intelligence Games with Participation of a Number of School Students

Monday, February 12, 2018

Hasib Sabbagh Center for IT Excellence opened the second exhibition of intelligence games at the Arab American University and in partnership with Conan. It aims to develop many skills and abilities of different segments of society, especially school students, strengthen the player cognitive sense, enhance creative thinking, increasing the ability to focus, and develop strategic thinking.

Part of the exhibition opening

The exhibition was opened by the VP for Training Affairs Dr. Nizam Diab, in presence of the Director of Education Directorate in Tubas Mr. Sa’ed Qabha, Assistant of the University President for Information Technology Eng. Bahjat Al-Aiassa, Director of Hassib Sabbagh Center Mr. Alaa Hattab, member of the Engineers Syndicate Directors Board Eng. Ziad Rabaya, a group of academic and administrative staff members of the Arab American University, and a number of the Tubas-Germany elementary school students.

The attendees toured the exhibition and were welcomed by a group of the university volunteers. They presented the games to the participants and indicating the importance, usefulness and how to play with each one.

The center aims to sensitize the local community on these games and their importance. Also introduce them to the permanent intelligence games lab at the center as a cornerstone. Any group, whether they are schools students, institutions or associations, can attend and benefit from this part and train on these games with the possibility of buying them.

The exhibition games are targets different age groups, youth through elderly. It is one of the important educational means that can be activated within the classroom and the sources and activity room. These games are important alternative to electronic devices that a lot of community members overuse. So IQ Games exhibition seeks to create an atmosphere of learning through fun.

Intelligence Games
Participating students in the Intelligence Games Exhibition
Participating students in the Intelligence Games Exhibition