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The University organized a lecture entitled "Power drinks and sports stimulants effect on students"

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Students Affairs Deanship at the Arab American University held a lecture on "Impact of energy drinks and sports stimulants on students" in cooperation with the Sports Sciences department in the Art College. It all aims to educate students on the impact of these drinks and sports stimulants to student health. 

With the presence of dean of both Nursing and Supporting Medical Sciences colleges Dr. Mohammad Asia, Chairman of Sport Sciences department Dr. Samer Abo-Eid, lecturer at Sport Sciences department Dr. Maan Zakarneh and Social Specialist in Student Affairs Deanship Mrs. Laila Herzallah. 

Mrs. Herzallah- Social Worker started the seminar, she focused on its importance. It was organized by the students huge consuming for energy drinks and this phenomenon recent increase, especially during exams, believing it provides them with sufficient energy, but in fact, according to several scientific studies its disadvantages beats the benefits. Studies talked about drinks and stimulants psychological impact, it indicated that addiction to // on them lead to tension, feeling tired, fatigue and depressed, mood disorders and lack of balance. Pointing out that there’s plenty of healthy alternatives such as drinking water, natural juices, eating vegetables and fruits.

As for Dr. Maen Zakarneh, a lecturer in the Sports Science Department, he pointed out that the more you drink energy drinks the more you got addicted, then concentrating will be difficult due to the body need for more caffeine. He said that drinking more caffeine than the body needs makes it a stimulants, sportily speaking using it is illegal and counts as Sports fraud, he explained that sports doping usage continued throughout history, Greeks and Indians used this type.  He continued talking on stimulants types and its harmful effect to the human body, which greatly affect the nervous system. Also he focused on the importance of supervision.

Dean of the Colleges of Nursing and Supporting Medical Science Dr. Mohamed Asia talked about stimulants work physiology. He pointed out that the body needs 400 mg of caffeine daily according to health experts. For further information he presented detailed explanation of coffee cup caffeine compared to soft drinks and energy drinks. He said that energy drinks contain larger caffeine percentage, 550 mg, explaining the damage it caused especially for addicts. Also it lead to kidney failure, hypertrophy of cardiac muscle and its failure and explaining that males are more affected than females. He focused on the importance of knowledge and thinking before having energy drinks and sports stimulants of its effect on health.

Chairman of Sports Sciences Department Dr. Samer Abo-Eid thanked the Students Affairs Deanship for arranging the lecture. He focused on the impotence of raising people’s awareness especially teens and warn them from energy drinks and sports stimulants impact on their health.