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University Organizes a Lecture Entitled "Psychological Pressure on Professional Players"

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Faculty of Sport Science at Arab American University hosted four professional athletes from different sport clubs in West Bank and Palestinian territories in a lecture entitled "Psychological pressure on professional players" to listen from their experience. Their visit was during the course of "Sports Psychology" lectured by Saba tractor.

Part of the Lecture

Mr. Ihab Abu Jazar, and of Al-Amari Club coach and a former player in the Palestinian national team were part of the delegation the visited the university. Also Hilal Musa a player in the Palestinian national team and in Al-Ahli club in Hebron, and from the 48 Palestinian territories Abbas Suwan a player in the former club Sakhnin, and Manar Darawshe a player from Zalfah club also attended.

The purpose of hosting the professional players was to review their experiences regarding the concepts taught to the students in the Faculty of Sport Sciences at Arab American University in the course of sports psychology, where the guest players review the most stressful psychological exposure that players face in general and professionals in particular, and talked about the strategies they went through during their past and present experiences as professional players which some of them are players in the Palestinian national team.

Abbas Suwan a player at the former club Sakhnin and the owner of the historic goal in 1996 said that the national identity and religious motives are those that move the players and regardless the differences and achieve great goals during the game.

At the end of the lecture, the guest players were honored with the University Shield in recognition of their efforts and contribution to the sport.