The University Organizes a Meeting for Masters Students on Electronic Health Data

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The University organized a meeting in Ramallah Campus for Health Informatics Master Students about electronic health data, as part of the University's efforts to raise awareness and guide its students to the priorities of health information research required in Palestine.

Part of the meeting

The meeting was presented by the Health Systems director at the World Health Organization, Mr. Mohamed Bani Odeh, who presented for the students the sources of the electronic health data and focused on its importance and analysis to strengthen and support academic research.

Dr. Shahinaz Al-Najjar, a faculty member in the program and coordinator of the meeting, assured the importance of these researchs to improve the health situation in these new and unique topics.

Mr. Mohamed Bani Odeh is a graduate of AAUP in 2006 specialized in hospital administration and holds a master's degree in health policies. He worked in several national projects for strengthening the Palestinian health system and currently works as a health systems director at the World Health Organization.

At the end of the meeting, student groups were formed to conduct information research on health in the Palestinian society.