The University Organizes a Meeting With Palestinian Universities to Evaluate Academic Programs in Computer Science and Information Technology

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The university hosted two international experts in the evaluation of international academic and quality programs, Prof. Georgios Davalos and Prof. Miltus Petters, from a British university, in a scientific meeting organized by Erasmus Palestine Office in the presence of six Palestinian universities to evaluate the academic program in the fields of engineering, computer science and information technology at both AAUP and Al-Quds University as a model.

Part of the meeting

The Head of Development Committee at Arab American University, Prof. Mohammed Asia, said that the university seeks through this scientific workshop to reach the highest standards of quality and the best academic programs, as noted by the international experts, who affirmed that Arab American University has international academic, scientific and quality programs, and the outcomes of Arab American University are in line with the requirements of local, Arab and international markets.

He added that the other goal of this meeting was to understand the international programs and quality standards of EU universities, to identify the requirements of the modern international market and transfer these experiences to the Palestinian universities.

The international expert Prof. Georgios Davalos said: “We have evaluated several programs offered by Arab American University in computer science and technology, and we have noticed that the programs are highly advanced, parallel to the educational plans and programs offered by European universities and allied with international standards, as well as the selection of the distinguished academic staff to teach these programs. "

Dr. Nidal Jayousi, Director of the Erasmus Office in Palestine, said that the aim of the workshop was to transfer the teaching experience of the European Union to the Palestinian universities and to promote cooperation and partnership between the two parties. As he thanked the university for hosting this event, for developing and contributing to the transfer of expertise and enhance cooperation between Palestinian universities on the one hand and international universities on the other.

The international expert Prof. Miltus Petters said: “The University's assessment of its academic programs and reviewing is one of the most important steps of the University's progress in its scientific, technological advancement. The evaluation helps the University to discover  the strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum, Educational Results for Students and work on developing them”

During the workshop, which lasted for two days, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at Arab American University, Dr. Mohammad Hamarsheh, reviewed the academic programs offered at the Faculty, the development mechanism of its programs and future plans for the development of other academic programs in accordance with the market and university, In general, and the Faculty in particular, to develop the academic aspect and scientific research.

The workshop also reviewed the international programs and quality standards of EU universities and the comparison of programs in European universities with Palestinian universities. Assuring that the academic programs at AAUP are international and aligned with international standards and market requirments.

Part of the meeting
Part of the meeting
Part of the meeting