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The University Organizes a Training Course on IHL for Law Students

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Arab American University organized a training session on IHL for law students at the University, to enhance the students' knowledge in law in cooperation with the International Committee of Red Cross and the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

Part of the Training course

The course was opened by Prof. Said Abu Farah, Professor of International Humanitarian Law at the Faculty of Law at the University. He explained that the Faculty of Law is always seeking to host legal and juridical institutions and legal experts to benefit from their expertise and to add information to the students. Which contributes in increasing and enhancing knowledge among Faculty students.

The Director of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Jenin, Dima Mahajne praised the role played by the university in organizing courses and workshops and providing students with the opportunity to know and organize extracurricular activities. The course is part of the ICRC's work in Palestinian universities in West Bank and Gaza Strip and to cooperate with law and law faculties to enhance students' knowledge in international humanitarian law, stressing the importance of this, and addressing the role of the ICRC in alleviating conflicts over civilians and non-participants.

The two-day session included brief presentations on international humanitarian law and International Committee of the Red Cross, in addition to the following topics: the role and activities of International Committee of the Red Cross and the Palestine Red Crescent Society in occupied territories, And the representative of the Red Crescent Society in Jenin Waleed Abu Al-Hijai. As Mr. Ayman Awartani from the Red Cross presented the relationship between international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Dr. Deeb Akkawi from Arab American University presented a working paper on the types and classifications of conflicts. As the topic of international humanitarian law and Islamic law was presented by the head of the jurisprudence and law department at the university's Faculty of Law, Dr. Khairuddin Taleb, and a presentation by Rizk Shuqair From the Red Crescent Society entitled "The Law of Occupation".  Mr. Carol Nagarian from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) presented practical exercises in international humanitarian law. The course concluded with the distribution of certificates to the participating students.