The University Organizes a Workshop Entitled " Torture is a Humiliation of Dignity "

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Faculty of Law at the University, in cooperation with Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights Center, organized a workshop for the students of the faculty entitled " Torture is a humiliation of dignity" This workshop is part of a project implemented by the Center supported by the European Union for three years.

Part of the workshop

The Dean of Faculty of Law Dr. Ghassan Alian, attended the workshop along with the Director of Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights Center, Mr. Hilmi Al-Aaraj, and the Legal Advisor of the Center Mr. Alaa Badarneh.

The lecture focused on the concept of torture in the Convention against Torture and its criminalization, the mechanism of documenting violations of torture according to the Istanbul Protocol, activating national legal procedures to prevent its commission and holding accountable perpetrators of this act, which contributes to the protection of Palestinian human rights, foremost his right in dignity and physical integrity.