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The University Participates in a Seminar at University of Amsterdam in Netherlands

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Amsterdam European Studies Center at University of Amsterdam hosted Dr. Dalal Irekat Professor Assistant of Strategic Planning and Conflict Resolution at Arab American University to participate in a seminar entitled "The 25th Anniversary of Oslo Convention and the European Initiatives," in the presence of a group of politicians, decision-makers, researchers and graduate students in political science at the University of Amsterdam.

Part of the Seminar

Dr. Dalal Irekat in her lecture focused on the role of the European Union towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict since Oslo, from a Palestinian perspective. As she focused on the various initiatives and financial aids that reflect the role of the European Union was only through financial aid spent on building the institutions of the Palestinian state has not been limited to the slogans of governance, transparency, reform, women and youth. The European Union has provided a lot of funds and good intentions, but this role has not resulted in serious positions and practical measures towards recognition of the Palestinian state or the prevention of dealing with the settlements, their products and residents that is a violation of international laws.

It has shown in the examples that the EU's position is contrary to their actual procedures when dealing with Israel. On the one hand, they advocate for a two-state solution but there isn’t a country except Sweden is willing to recognize the Palestinian state or boycott settlement goods, as she assured that the EU needs for to adopt a unified position and adopting an international mediation initiative towards the issue. At the end of her speech, Irekat called on all participants to work to bring the Palestinian issue back to the EU agenda.