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The University Participates in Sports Media Forums in Muscat, Oman and Marrakech, Morocco

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The University participated in a forum for sports media, hosted by Muscat in the presence of lecturers and medias from various Arab countries. The main forum focused on sports culture and sustainable development.

The university participates in sports media forums in Muscat, Oman and Marrakech, Morocco

Dr. Sabra Jarrar, a lecturer at Arab American University along with the President of the Palestinian Federation for Sports Culture in Palestine, presented the role of sports culture in forming the human awareness through a variety of variables that contribute well-being in the human’s life and existence through sport as a soft tool capable to commit the pillars of the 2030 Sustainable development plan in: Social, Environmental, and Economical aspects. This commitment is to achieve the four components of human and to meet his needs, through diversity of activities as equality, justice, participation and empowerment. These are the principles of societies provided by its institutions and development tools, thus ensuring the achievement of well-being, which is the indicator the United Nations for Sustainable Development. Dr. Jarrar recommend the need to develop a strategy with modern tools to change the reality of communities, the most important is sport tourism, and smart sports, which must be components of smart cities.

Dr. Jarrar the representative of Arab American University participated in the third study forum held in Marrakech, Morocco, in cooperation with the Moroccan Journalists' Association, in the presence of academics from Jordan and Egypt. Where Dr. Jarrar talked about "Sports Programs and Achieving Sustainable Professional Training" The transition from teaching knowledge to training in its use through empowerment and skills acquisition as a developmental methodology for educational and economic institutions to follow. She also assured that the response to technical and technological development, especially in sport sciences requires investment of this development and its outputs through the transition from “To learn to train” so that these skills can achieve the quality of knowledge, and to reduce the gap between the philosophy of education based on indoctrination and the modern theory based on creating interactive environments that the student or trainee participant, discover the relations and be able to bridge between theory and practice to develop areas of sport sciences such as selection, training and entertainment.

During the forum, Dr Jarrar presented a set of recommendations, as adapting technology to be a lifestyle to be a tool for economic and investment requirements of human capital and to increase participation in sports programs for the sustainability of public health and life within the world health standards. She pointed out that the success of the programs must be achieved through the development of a modern strategy based on the measurable and applicable basis, as she said that the international significance of sustainability is based on the environmental dimension, which achieves the ethics and values of sustainable development, which balances the requirements of the present and preserve the abilities and rights of future generations.

Dr. Jarrar said: "These participations come within the philosophy and vision of Arab American University and its support for the importance of its presence in Arab and international forums to exchange experiences and to show Palestine in a proper manner and in accordance with the cooperation agreement between the Olympic Committee, the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports and Arab American University in the field of sports facilities.