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The University President Honors Qassam Sbaih, the Third Place Winner of the Arab Reading Contest

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The President of the University, Prof. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri honored the student Qassam Mohammed Sbaih from Kafura’i Secondary School for Boys, the third place winner of distinguished Student Category in the Arab Reading Challenge Competition 2017/2018.

The ceremony was attended by the vice presidents and The Deanship of Student Affairs and director of the university library, and the father of student Sbaih and his family.

Part of the Honoring

During the ceremony, Prof. Abu Zuhri congratulated the students and his family on this achievement. Saying "You, Qassam, are an example of Palestinian youth that’s eager to learn, read, that takes things seriously and diligently what you have achieved is an achievement for education and culture in Palestine, we at Arab American University believe that knowledge and education are the key to building societies and enhancing the establishment of a Palestinian state, we honor you today for your visit to the university. As we are proud of you and your great achievement. We also thank all those who supported you to compete in this unique Arab competition. "

Sbaih thanked the university for this initiative and honoring him, as he said: "I am very happy today and I am honored by the university president, Prof. Abu Zuhri, and I thank this university, which I have heard about which it sponsors special distinguished students and encouraging them in many scientific fields. He added: "his gratitude to Allah. First of all, and his grateful to be able to raise the flag of Palestine among the participants of the winning Arab countries. I hope that I will be a competitor in this competition, which culminated in my passion and my efforts and my dedication to the Palestinian people everywhere. As he wished to be one of the students at Arab American University next year after finishing high school”.