The University Ramallah Campus Organizes Workshop to Review the Faculty of Engineering Academic Programs

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the Arab American University in Ramallah organized a workshop in cooperation with Dimension Company, entitled “Reviewing the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Academic Programs, its Relevance to the Labor Market Needs.”

From the workshop

During the workshop, they presented the objectives of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology academic programs and plans and discussed them both with the mechanisms for measuring their relation to the local and Palestinian local market.

Dr. Mohammed Hamarsheh Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology started the workshop by presenting the faculty vision and an overview of its academic programs. He also emphasized its interest in maintaining the close connection between both its programs and graduates with the labor market needs and the faculty commitment to meet international standards for plans preparation. Also, he presented his vision, for a partnership, to prepare students well for the market through projects and training.

Mr. Hasan Qasem, Chairman of Dimensions Board of Directors and a member of the Academic Committee of the Faculty, discussed the criteria to measure the success of the academic programs’ link to the market needs, focus on employment rate and interaction of students and teachers with public and private companies in the market. He pointed to the need to focus on practical research for the academic body members and the company desire to make partnerships with the specialists and their students in this area.

As for Mr. Firas Zaghal, CEO of Dimension Consulting, he explained the importance for students to know entrepreneurship and the necessary skills required for graduates to work smoothly and quickly in the private sector. Mr. Nafez Qasem, CEO of Dimension IT Company, said their company is ready to train the faculty students and give lectures and workshops for the students of the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the university, to raise awareness on the labor market needs and requirements in partnership with the faculty members.

At the end of the workshop, the two parties agreed to sign MoU to activate joint research projects and attract trainees.