The University Represents Palestine in the Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties Meeting at Sultanate of Oman

Monday, February 12, 2018

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the Arab American University Dr. Mohammed Asia participated in the Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties 19th Executive Committee meeting, related to the Arab Universities League, representing the deans of Palestinian Nursing Faculties in the meeting which was held recently in Oman.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asia honors the 2nd day sessions participants

The meeting discussed the Society Committees action plan for 2018. A proposal was presented for measuring quality standards issued by the Society, take the necessary decisions regarding signing agreements with private bodies to implement courses and workshops for faculties’ staffs, and preparing for the Society’s 20th meeting and the accompanying activities.

Simultaneously, Dr. Asia participated in the Second International Conference “Transformations in the Future of Nursing: Technology, Innovation and Cooperation”, where he chaired and moderated the conference's second day, entitled “Transforming nursing future through cooperation”. During which presented the latest global research on the cooperation prospects to improve the nursing profession. At the end of the day, Dr. Asia honored the participating researchers in the second day sessions.

Dr. Asia explained, participation in the Committee meetings and the conference sessions were fruitful in terms of benefiting the faculty students upon return through checking the modern science’s latest achievements in the nursing teaching field, and amend academic plan to keep pace with them, that reflects positively on the students level and compete in local and external labor markets.

He stressed on the faculty's continuous efforts with the University administration guidance to develop and provide latest scientific methods in curricula and teaching aids for students. Latest of which was developing the Cardiac Resuscitation and Breathing Center, the one of a kind in the northern West Bank and the latest in Palestine with the American Heart Association authorization, and replacing traditional teaching methods of handwriting and using liquid pens on old boards by installing smart-board systems in the classrooms.

President of Sultan Qaboos University during a meeting with the representatives of the deans of nursing colleges in the Arab universities