The University is Seeking Ways of Collaboration with University of Waterloo and Several Canadian Universities

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Vice President of International Relations Dr. Dalal Erekat met with Ms. Karuna Osman, international marketing consultant from the famous University of Waterloo in Ramallah. Ms. Osman also represented several Canadian universities during her visit to Palestine, as Wilfred Laurier University, Trent University and University of New Brunswick.

During the meeting Dr. Erekat gave a presentation about the university and its unique new academic programs offered by the university. She also discussed several aspects of cooperation, including student exchange between the two universities, and the possibility of academic partnership in different programs

Mrs. Osman expressed her desire to build a true and solid cooperation between Arab American University and Canadian universities that she represented and also expressed her desire to cooperate in various projects to enrich higher education in Palestine through academic partnerships for bachelor's and master's degrees.