The University Sponsors a Ceremony for the Five-year Anniversary of Launching the E-learning Environment Portal

Monday, December 24, 2018

Arab American University sponsored a ceremony held at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Ramallah on the occasion of the five years since the application of eSchool portal. Where the university was represented by Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu-Arrah and Public Relations Manager Mr. Fathi Amour, and the administrative Manager of the University in Ramallah campus Mr. Mohammed Sabana.

The University sponsors a Ceremony for the five-year anniversary of launching the e-learning environment portal

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Dr. Basri Saleh attended the ceremony, along with the General Manager of Ultimate Co. Mr. Saed Zaidan, and a group of those who are responsible of the E-School Portal.

Mr. Abu Arrah in his speech, he conveyed the greetings of the Universitys Chairman of board of directors Dr. Yousuf Asfour and the University President Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri, who said that Arab American University is participating in this celebration on the occasion of the five years since the launch of the e-learning portal.

He said: "At the beginning I welcome you all and say that we at the university realize that the Palestinian mind is the most important asset in our country, a wealth more precious than gas and oil if properly used. Palestine and its human resources are great and the years have witnessed that young men and women of Palestine are those who are building the institutions and the renaissance of society, and history recorded previously how the minds of the Palestinians have been established and contributed actively to the renaissance of Arab sister countries after the import of Palestinian minds and experiences”.

He informed that the graduates from Arab American University today are all over the Arab, regional and global markets, occupying important positions in global institutions such as Facebook, Google, and many international companies.

Mr. Abu Arrah said that the use of modern technology in education has become necessary and important to keep pace with the educational process at all levels with all that is new and modern in the various sciences and the development of scientific research, and this was recognized by Arab American University early and gradually began to move to modern and contemporary means, Especially on the technology and the conversion of all academic and administrative procedures from the paper procedures to various electronic programs so that the university can use advanced technologies.

He added that the participation of the University in this celebration came to serve the e-learning sector in Palestine. The University's sponsorship of these events is to support the policies of the Ministry of Education in Palestine and to develop the outputs published in this field.

Mr. Abu Arrah concluded his speech by saying: "The university's relationship with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education is a strategic relationship based on cooperation in the implementation of many school programs and the development of the higher education sector in Palestine to achieve the national interest and put Palestine on the map of Arab, regional and international education." He also wished the Ministry of Education and those who work on E-School portal the success and continued development to reach high ranks in the world.

E-School the e-learning environment portal sponsored by Arab American University, is officially a unified electronic system for all schools to connect and organize work between the educational system categories from the Ministry, the directorates, schools, teachers, students and parents through an electronic portal that is fed by the school information management system in cooperation with the Educational Resource Library for teachers. The system has all the administrative and basic functions necessary to manage school information, students, staff, marks, absences and homeworks through a portal to communicate with parents and students.

Part of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arrah speech
Part of the Ceremony
Part of the Ceremony